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Baby boomers are the generation of people born between 1946 and 1964. At present, this demographic makes up approximately 22 per cent of the total U.S. population, accounting for more than 70 million Americans. Baby boomers are mostly witnessed to have better spending power than the millennials or Generation Z. Baby boomers are mostly on the verge of becoming seniors. In addition baby boomers are not as diverse in demographics of the U.S., as compared to generations that came further down the line. Key factors that support finance for baby boomers are longer presence in the workforce, efficient knowledge on basic tech, and positive outlook in the near future. In addition, not all baby boomers are at the same stage of life. Financial security is one of the key focuses maintained by most people in the demographic. A study of the United States marketing industry is compiled and published in the report titled, “BOOMERS AND FINANCE - US - JULY 2019” that has been added to the massive research repository of Market Research Hub (MRH).

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Baby boomers are largely viewed as individualistic and self-centered, and more than 50 per cent of the country’s disposable income resides with this demographic. Further, baby boomers are also more health conscious than their own parents. Medical tech makes it possible for them to live longer.

Consequently, a growing number of fin-tech companies are targeting their efforts especially towards seniors and retirees. The services offered include a wide range from estate planning to financial management, to prevention of fraud. Further, fin-tech companies also help in reducing the challenges for families and caregivers to aid in handling finances on an independent basis.

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Boomers and Finance - US – July 2019: Report Overview

The report on the finance industry for baby boomers in the United States in July 2019 provides the readers with a detailed analysis on the landscape of commerce operating in the United States. Industry-based forecasting models include a full analysis of the research publication and primary interviews with industry participants in addition to consumer data.

The report also includes detailed interviews conducted by leading market analysts with industry savants, financial experts and industry analysts to provide key validations of the operational volume and relevant assumptions in the study.

The marketing industry for baby boomers report for the US in July 2019 foresees the performance of the market progress in terms of volumes forecast by different categories including marketing, technology, and costs, in addition to factors such as the rise of the United States financial market.

For each of these categories, business development strategies and market projections adopted by key market players for specific strategies has also been added to the report. Valuable insights which can be helpful for manufacturers operating in the US market for baby boomers are provided as well.

Assessment of supply-demand equation, market expansion strategies, pricing analysis, and barriers to market entry, makes the report a highly credible source of data for business professionals interested in the US finance market.


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