Native Advertising & Three Types of Native Ads

Posted by amrina alshaikh on August 26th, 2019

If you are having two thoughts on what is native advertising, worry not, you are not alone, and we are here to get you covered on that. The article is about giving you a clearer understanding ofnative advertising and figuring how important it is getting indigital advertising.

Native advertising is the latest and best traffic strategy in the field of digital marketing. It is a significant shift indigital advertising, and the bonus is that most marketers are unaware of it.

What is Not Native Advertising

The banner and social ads have CTAs like BUY NOW, SHOP NOW etc. They are great direct ads, but the problem with them is that their click-through rates are way low. The reason behind it is the fact that people ignore advertisements. Digital marketers monitoring click-through rates know this and are devising strategies considering this point.

This is where native ads come into the picture. They don't get ignored because they don’t look like ads. Native ads blend into the content.

Native Advertising Types

Explained below are the three major types of native ads:

1. Sponsored Content

Articles and videos coming as a part of the feed on publisher websites like Buzzfeed and news websites mimic editorial content and have ‘promoted’ written over them.

Again, sponsored content may not be a native ad format for many businesses. But the remaining two types are.

2. Recommended Content

There are content recommendation engines like Outbrain that can recommend your content on partner websites.

You might have noticed, ‘From the Web’ links seamlessly blended on many big sites.

3. Social Media In-Feed Ads

The best place to start with native advertising would be social media. The social in-feed ads are easy to set up and inexpensive.

The message in these ads is consistent with what users expect on social media platforms.

Why Native

Native advertising can get you the attention of your TG that leads to more clicks and eventually, conversions.

Native advertising can lead to sales because most marketers are still not pursuing native advertising. Hence, you get to use a robust digital marketing tactic that your competitors are unaware of.

Thus, now you know the power native advertising can endow to you. Make use of native advertising right away in your digital marketing plans and get amazing results while everyone is on digital.

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