Importance of Integrating Real-Time Features in Your Mobile App

Posted by AdWeb Studio on August 26th, 2019

Does every app need real-time features why the real-time characteristics are important in-app? Apps that deal with the actual scenarios must need real-time technology to integrate. Now mobile app technology can do a lot and has brought new possibilities to exchange the data.

We live in a world where connectivity is essential. Whether you are traveling or working in the office, the instant messaging app and tracking technology are must-have integrations. No app is complete or functional in this scenario. The interacting and real-time features benefit many industries and consumers at the same time. Living in any megacity, like Dubai, you need a map tracking option or real-time notifications in your apps. Mobile App Development Company Dubai has witnessed a prominent demand in this sort of integration, from many enterprise applications. Now, businesses understand the importance of real-time notifications clearly.

Industries that are benefiting from Real-time Features in their apps

Many industries can benefit from this option, but some leading industries required and implemented this technology successfully. The central enterprises are:

· E-commerce Apps

The real-time notifications are crucial in an e-commerce app, notably when a customer performs purchase and, receives a real-time message. Giving information about the concerns and support from the seller is necessary to reduce the chances of any miscommunication and commitment to the order.

· Health Care Apps

Updates on a diet plan and push notifications for the time of exercise, help users, especially in old age. The apps provide real-time communication between t caregivers and medical consultants. The instant information about the patient's history in case of emergency and remote consultations are the core benefits.

· Multi-user Collaboration

Instant messaging options in multi collaboration apps make the workflow smooth. When many workers are engaged in the same project, it is easy to inform every step in real-time. Collaboration apps make the work easy and save time.

This option is very productive for the freelancers and to create workspaces. The Real-time app features open the doors of communication and productivity for the customers, enterprises, and workers/freelancers.

· Cab Booking Apps

The cab booking mobile apps interact with users in an emergency based situation; we book cabs to save time and to reach on time. If a cab booking app fails to provide real-time communication and information, its purpose dies. The app like this must provide every notification instantly.

Some Real-Time Features to must-have in Your App and why

Integrating real-time features in enterprise apps is beneficial for both enterprise and users.

· Enhance User Engagement

Apps responding in a real-time generate magnificent user engagement, which in return, benefits widely. These apps productively enhance the user experience with instant replies and responses. More user engagement improves the app's online visibility and brings more revenue to the enterprise. Users trust more their providers when communicated instantly in the right manner.

· Users can perform multitasking with these apps like sharing live location, chatting with friends, or booking a ride at the same time.

Useful features to integrate into an app

There are multiple features which increase the competency of an app like:

· Enabling the customers to check the live order status

Features like location tracking and push notifications have benefited the companies to show their dealing transparency. With GPS enabled, even the customers can track the order location and check the delivery status. Many big shipping companies and food delivery apps have integrated this order tracking feature and have offered the excellent user experience to their audience. 

· Real-time feed and receiving Push Notifications

Real-time Feed helps your audience to catch every new update and information related to their interest area. Almost every social media platform has enabled this option to show relevant and fresh content. With the help of push notification, every application and, especially, the web site increases the retention rate and serves the purpose of retention.

· Internet of Things  Devices

Various mobile applications give users to integrate IoT and regulate smart devices with mobile. In the end, enabling this feature also enhances the user experience. The IoT devices share the data with the available sources when data gets received to cloud storage. The apps also alert and give push notifications in case of any error.

· Live Streaming

Almost every significant industry, like entertainment, real estate, logistics, and transportation needs to enable the live streaming option in their apps. It provides top-notch interaction by delivering the data in real-time. The example is, the AR gaming apps, these apps work on lives streaming options, integrated into the software.

Overall the App developers can focus more on the competencies of the apps. Dubai App Development Company makes the apps and integrates the existing apps with real-time features because it enhances the UI and UX of the applications. Apps get more interactive and look innovative. 

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