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Posted by markwahl barg on August 26th, 2019

The research of bullying prevention is relatively new and you can find few investigations which have investigated the causes of cyberbullying. To be able to contemplate the causes, several factors must be taken into account, such as for example:

But, it should be observed that children and adolescents come in complete exploration of their very own existence, seeking to suit into different social organizations and any part that unravels or is significantly diffent in one of them, becomes a subject of ridicule. On the other hand, patients perceive that they are being harassed for the mere amusement of the harasser and self-perceiving themselves as fragile or inferior.

There are lots of effects that happen when putting up with or executing a predicament of harassment or cyberbullying, both for the prey and for the aggressor, with suicide being the most alarming.

The psychological damage due to these behaviors in the patients is very significant. This psychological putting up with could be more than harassment through different strategies, as the dangerous information is community and available during the 24 hours, being extremely tough to get rid of the content. The effects of cyberbullying are like the effects of workplace bullying. The most representative effects are the next:

Faced with cyberbullying, you can find different types of harassment. The kinds of acts in cyberbullying are: Perhaps not letting the prey to participate in a specific technological place, such as a whatsapp chat. Over and over repeatedly sending offensive communications to just one person, a number of being the harasser can get on social support systems, email, on the cell phone, and etc. Exchange of insults by both events included, which happens from new technologies.

Writing or discussing derogatory information, that will be false, of an individual, disseminated via new technologies. Like: alter an image of a teenager to make it seem like she's pregnant. Tharasser gets access to the social pages of the prey and in them he pretends to be the individual, sending offensive or bad comments, as though he had been the victim. Disseminate confidential information of the victim. If you should be in search of extra information about bullying laws, do not hesitate to have in touch with cyberbyllying.

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