Insights for CBSE Class 12 Biology

Posted by Anand on August 26th, 2019

biology is an interesting subject for students. The subject lets the students know about the working and the various programmes and the software of the computer. The subject can be fun to learn for the students as it includes both learning from the books and working on the system. The subject is very popular among the students and some students fell that it is an escape from the regular or the mainstream subjects. The easy-to-understand nature of the subject can often make the students have a laid-back attitude towards learning the subject and the students often depend on the last-minute learning for the subject. This attitude of the students can cost them their marks and performance in the exams. Students can miss out on many minutes but important concepts while studying at the last minute or at the eleventh hour. The students often depend on the textbooks and classroom learning to understand the subject completely but it is not enough sometimes. The students can be thorough with the theory part of the subject for once but can have difficulties in understanding the practicals in the subject. Having a good secondary learning source can be very helpful for the students in this case. Extramarks-the learning app is one of the best and highly rated apps education apps on the internet. The app and the website help the students in understanding their curriculum better. Students can depend on the app for having a better knowledge of their subjects. Topics in CBSE Class 12 biology like Human Reproduction can be understood in a better way on the Extramarks app. The app study material and learning guide for the theory as well as the practical part of the subject. The app can complement the learning from textbooks and classrooms. The app has textbook solutions that can help the students understand and practice the textbook questions that can often come in the exams. The textbook questions are often ignored by the teachers because they focus on more on the practical aspect and concepts of the subject. The textbook questions can help the students understand the differences that can be framed from the chapter or the topic and practice them. One of the key features of the app is the multimedia learning options where the students can learn from the video lessons. The video lessons are delivered by expert teachers making it a reliable source of learning.

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