What Are The Best Ways To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Window Film?

Posted by Liz Seyi on August 26th, 2019

There’s much more to ensuring that your fittedWindow Film lasts for longer than simply selecting the most appropriate brand and type of window film to begin with – although these are undoubtedly crucial elements.

As it happens, there are various ways to bolster your window film’s longevity at every stage of its useful life.

Ensure your chosen window film is up to the job

While we take great pride in our exceptionally engineered window films here at Stockfilms, the fact remains that different window film options are geared towards different needs. This inevitably impacts on the amount of time for which you can expect a given installed window film to last.

Quality of design and manufacture will doubtless affect the likely operational lifespan of a particular window film, but so will the conditions to which it is subjected.

Window film that is continually exposed to the elements is especially vulnerable to rapid deterioration, which is why it is so crucial to select dedicated external window film for such settings.

We offer internal and external Silver 20 window films, for instance, which both provide excellent solar heat and glare rejection. However, the latter film is of a weather-resistant construction incorporating additional UV barriers to guard against the potentially ravaging effects of constant sunshine, and also uses a strong waterproof adhesive.

Purchasers of window film are also advised to pay close attention to the warranty attached to the given product that they are considering. Referring back to the Silver 20 films, for instance, the internal version comes with a 10-year warranty, compared to the external film’s seven years.

Are you installing and maintaining your window film appropriately?

As we have detailed in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, we recommend that window film is only fitted by a professional installer, not least given the ease with which it can be damaged if an inexperienced amateur attempts to take on this task.

However, the right cleaning and care of your window film, as we have explained on the relevant page of our site, can also make a major difference to the product’s lifespan.

The cleaning of your film, for example, will bring the best results if you wait for 30 days after installation. Nor should brushes, coarse paper towels, pure ammonia or industrial strength cleaners be used. Instead, only a soft clean cloth should be used for both washing and drying.

Ask our technical staff any maintenance questions

If you are in any doubt about the steps that you should be taking to keep your window film in good condition – and therefore delivering the best attainable results – for longer, you are always welcome to call the Stockfilms customer service team on 020 8441 0449.

We can advise you on whether you are taking the right care of your Window Film – and even whether you are using the right window film on your building’s glass at all.


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