Few Things You Must Have To Throw An Awesome Vaping Party

Posted by michaelgriffin on August 26th, 2019

So you got yourself an e-juice from the vapor shop in Denver but you are not sure if any of your friends use them as well? Why don’t you find out by throwing a vapor party this weekend? Clubs and drinking parties are a thing of the past, this year it is all about vaping on Saturday night with your buddies. But if you have not attended one you might not be sure what exactly happens at these gatherings. Don’t worry, it is no rocket science. We’ve got you covered with a list of everything you need for a rad vape party.


Of course, you need them. Without them, it would just be a regular party with regular stuff that regularly happens every regular weekend. You might want to get as many flavors of e-juice from the local vapor shop in Denver as possible to please your guests. Try setting an open counter and place the flavors there so that they can try different combos. If you want to save some bucks you can even ask your friends to bring their own e-cigarettes but keep a few spares in handy because not everyone owns them.


That’s another stuff your party would be incomplete without. You could go for the generic stuff like pizza, chips and cold drinks or try something a bit more sophisticated like pairing your menu with the flavors of the e-juice, like some chocolate mousse and hot chocolate for your fruity flavored stuff and ice tea and cold coffee for the light-flavored stuff. If you are holding the party in your backyard, you can even set a barbeque grill, turning it into a vaping-kebab party, which brings us to the next thing you need.


Set the theme of your fest depending on the kind of mood you want. If you just want to hang out with some friends while trying something new, a simple get-together will do. If you want to build an impression with the people try something big scale like a DJ night or a costume party. If you’ve got a swimming pool, you can turn it into a pool-vape party.


If you simply plan on chilling out, you’ll just need a few beany bags to get everyone comfy. For a big party, some disco lights and sound systems will do the trick. But for an impact, try something meta like colored lights made from empty bottles or candle holders 


Background music is a good way to set the mood for the fest. An upbeat EDM is A lo-fi will do nice to get your buddies to chill and enjoy the moment. Some Mideastern music will go nicely with a hookah party. You can even match your playlist with the activities you planned for the day, like casino music for the card game.


You can schedule lots of stuff for the day starting with some light dancing, followed by a few games like truth or dare, karaoke, card games and other stuff you do at other sorts of parties. But this party would be incomplete without some vaping games. You can start with simple stuff like the movie game, where you take a puff every time a character dies, or the holding game where you take a puff and hold it in till it’s your turn again.


Make sure all the guests are of legal smoking age so that you don’t get in trouble if your neighbors decide you’re too loud. This may differ from state to state. You might also want some permits if you plan on using a sound system and fireworks. If your party starts in the evening, get some extra pillows and blankets in case some of your friends decide to a sleepover. Check the e-cigars for fakes or defects to avoid any accidents.

Now you’re set for a rad vape party.

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