How you can Maintain Healthy Diet while having Orthodontic Treatment?

Posted by smileville on August 26th, 2019

Many people see it like religion to properly care for their body. However, such high levels of commitment involve things such as avoiding unhealthy habits, regular exercising, and healthy diet as well. Unfortunately, if you are undergoing any type of orthodontic treatment by orthodontics in Carlisle, then you might find it complicated to be focused towards healthy diet. The expert dentist can help you by providing the best tips to maintain healthy body as well as diet.

What you should avoid with braces?

It is more essential to consider what you cannot eat more than what you can eat with braces. When a person wears braces, then he needs to avoid the hard as well as sticky foods because these foods can potentially damage your orthodontics in Carlisle. The sticky foods can be stuck in your braces as well as loosen the wires or brackets while hard foods sometimes can break the brackets or wires. Some of the examples of these unhealthy types of foods are caramel, taffy, chips as well as candies. There are also some healthier foods, which you need to watch out such as:

  •          Nuts
  •          Fruit leather
  •          Granola (if too large)
  •          Trail Mix
  •          Popcorn
  •          Peanut Butter
  •          Protein Bars
  •          Other sticky nut butter

What you can eat with braces?

You can eat multiple food items that would not affect your braces at all. You only need to avoid the foods, which are sticky or hard while wearing braces. The food items that are easy to chew as well as soft and they have turned out to be good choice. There is no shortage to have healthy food items, which would not affect your braces. Here are some of the healthy foods, which you should eat with braces and orthodontist in Carlisle suggests these food items to eat:

  •          Chicken (cut into small pieces)
  •          Mashed Potatoes
  •          Eggs
  •          Cheese
  •          Lunch Meat
  •          Smoothies
  •          Steamed Vegetables
  •          Bananas
  •          Melons
  •          Yogurt
  •          Oranges
  •          Soft Beans
  •          Noodles
  •          Rice
  •          Grapes

What you should eat with Invisalign?

One of the best advantages of having Invisalign is that they can be removed. There is no need for you to wear the invisible braces provided by orthodontist in Carlisle while eating. This also simply means that you can enjoy your favorite foods without facing any problem. All the invisible braces involved in the orthodontic treatment are friendly with healthy foods. There is no need to mention, but you can continue to eat healthy foods such as peanut butter, as well as crackers that are not okay for a person having braces.

The major concern is that it is important to mention though you should not forget to brush their teeth after eating something. In case, if you are putting aligners back in your mouth without brushing, then food particles might get trapped again your teeth. The unbrushed teeth can also lead to several dental problems such as bad breath and tooth decay.

Contact expert orthodontist today for effective treatment

You can get answers to all your questions regarding the invisalign then you can simply ask orthodontist in Carlisle for suggestions. They would help you better to know about different treatments and tips on how to last long them for much time.

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