Why Lung Cancer Doesn’t Have to be the Deadliest Cancer

Posted by LasColinasCancerCare on August 26th, 2019

Lung cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in the world, making it the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. In 2018 alone, 2.1 million people were diagnosed with lung cancer worldwide. According to the American Cancer Society, it killed 143,000 United States citizens, more than the other three conventional cancers; colon, breast, and prostate combined. Why lung cancer doesn’t have to be the deadliest cancer:

  • Why a deadlier cancer – Lung cancer only kills the affected people more than the other cancers because it is universal. For example, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and the second deadliest cancer. Those who suffer from breast cancer have a 90% chance of surviving longer than those with lung cancer.Lung Cancer can be challenging to diagnose, and the symptoms appear in advanced stages, making it hard to cure. 
  • Earlier detection – The levels of lung cancer deaths can be primarily prevented by detecting the disease earlier and administering the right treatment. Research shows that patients who were diagnosed earlier and sought treatment survived longer. Lung cancer is curable through surgery or radiation when detected earlier.
  • Improving the numbers of cancer detection – Lung cancer can be reduced through earlier detection. Low dose CT scans have proven to detect cancer in earlier stages, thus significantly decreasing the number of deaths. Smokers above 50 years of age are encouraged to have a lung cancer screening.The coverage of lung cancer screening costs by private insurance is a positive step towards reducing deaths.

More effective post-operation treatments can cure patients after lung cancer surgery. You are also encouraged to stop smoking since this is the primary cause of lung cancer. Reduced smoking rates have led to a reduction of lung cancer rates in men since 1991. Stay one step ahead through screening, counseling, and earlier treatment.

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