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Posted by alvina on August 26th, 2019

A smart office is a space where technology helps people to work better, faster and, smarter. Around them, the smart office has many things like sensors and mobile apps to get workers to perform efficiently in menial tasks and major projects to have more time and focus on innovation and business growth. In a smart office, technology helps with better communication, signaling who is inside and connecting to others directly room to room within a whole floor. They are known as the offices of the future and putting in a smart office can lead to sustainable growth for work and personal health.

With a smart office comes a smart desk. A smart desk features technology that helps with productivity. A lot of companies, namely tech ones, use them for their employees and are now available to office workers. The furniture is installed tech features that give many benefits attractive to the 21st-century. For example, the lack of physical activity by sitting too much, leading to heart disease, diabetes, obesity and various health conditions. With a smart desk, there will be a reminder to spend more time standing because they have monitors that count how many hours you sit per day and give you the signal it’s time to stand up. Workers need a balance between sitting and standing and can allow you to burn calories, reduces stress levels, and improve your mood.

Smart desks are personal assistants, basically. These desks are programmed to work alongside their computer to alert of any scheduled meetings or events. People get busy and forget easily, but smart desks will remind you of anything. Smart furniture also keeps people in touch with co-workers on projects that are always on them one and due ASAP. Smart furniture allows people to use time wisely on things like thinking about lunch, or planning ahead with your free time, or getting more work done to be ahead in the game. Smart desks even could calculate what you want and what time, signaling when you should walk to the restaurant or order online for delivery.

Businesses that go with a smart office are in a better position to work than traditional ways. The modern way raises creativity and innovation, changing how a business operates. Because of more technology, more data is being exchanged in a work environment. The smart office makes it a whole lot easier manage employees without wasting time. Evert report and all smart devices (phones, tablets) used to help business operations is tracked to make it easy to see every employees' schedule.

The Internet of Things has allowed businesses to do so much more work online and communicate to others within the office more effectively. Processing, storing, managing, and accessing information can be done on different platforms from anywhere. Thanks to the cloud, it falls in one system accessed from every computer. Cloud storage, from the single click on the desk, gives access to information even if not on the main PC. A smart office has integrated platforms for people to do all of their work. We are now at a higher working capacity than before.

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