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The 4 Stages of Alcohol and Drug Rehab Recovery

Posted by amosfred1990 on August 26th, 2019

Recovery from addiction does not happen overnight. As any expert in the field would tell you, it took weeks, months, or even years for a patient’s body and brain to become addicted to the substances that have led them to require intervention and addiction treatment services. It only makes sense, then, that recovery would be an even longer - and more complex - process.

Here are the four major components of drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation and recovery. While every patient’s road to sobriety and health looks different, these elements are present in everyone’s success story. Where are you or your loved one in your journey - and how are you taking steps to get to the next phase of recovery?

Initiation and Intake

The first contact you make with a Scottsdale rehab program or treatment center begins the first phase of your recovery process. While deciding to get sober is important, taking the necessary first steps to actually do something about your addiction or that of your loved one is what sets your rehab journey in motion.

During these first hours and days, patients experience a whirlwind of emotions. While some are relieved or joyous at the thought of living drug- or alcohol-free, others are bitter or numb at that idea. Be sure to provide support to a loved one who might be dealing with these emotions or reach out for encouragement if you are experiencing them yourself.

Beginning Substance Abstinence

This second phase of drug or alcohol rehabilitation and recovery is often the most difficult for patients - especially those who have never undergone treatment before. They may suffer from withdrawal symptoms, wonder if they made the right decision in electing to stop abusing drugs or alcohol and feel isolated or afraid. Understanding, supportive staff and excellent programs at a top-quality rehab center are the best combatants for these issues.

Continuing Abstinence

Once the difficult initial phase of letting go of regular substance use is over, the long-term abstinence from these substances begins. This is when many people begin to feel like themselves again - and real work can be done toward rebuilding lives through education and counseling.

One mistake some patients make during this time is leaving their rehab program as soon as they have completed the second phase or “detox” period of recovery. This often leads to relapse, which begins the process all over again. While relapse is not itself an indication of failure on the part of the patient, it is certainly a setback that can leave patients feeling frustrated. Staying the course with your rehab program can lessen the likelihood of relapse and improve the chances of success for patients still working toward recovery.

Ongoing Recovery

Addiction specialists estimate that after approximately five years of sobriety, most patients have the life skills to function as recovered addicts. They move into the fourth and final phase of recovery, rebuilding their lives and creating a new future for themselves and their families. It may take longer than five years for some; relapse and shaky starts can make some roads to sobriety longer than others. However, patients who stay the course find that no matter how long it takes, the journey is worth the effort.

When you’re ready to begin the recovery process for yourself or your loved one, speak to the knowledgeable staff at a local treatment center in Scottsdale. They can help you begin your journey to recovery - and make the path there a more pleasant one. Remember: the only way to make it to the next phase of recovery is to take the first step today!

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