How to Make a Child Feel Safe at School

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SUMMARY: The following lines of the blog is all about how to make a child feel safe at school because in order to be focused on studies they need to feel safe and secure in the environment of a school. As a parent and a teacher, you must be more attentive about how the student feels in school.

As a parent, there are so many things you need to focus and one of the most important things is to know whether your children are feeling safe in their school or not. Children spend half of their time in schools and other study centres so this is the need of the time that you should know each and everything about your children whether it is related to study or their personal life.

According to research, 75 per cent out of 100 are the ones who are tolerating various kind of school violence and rest ones are probably who are making. It is reported that due to much violence in the school students are unable to focus on their studies, instead of practising skills being taught by the teachers, they practice how to avoid bullying in the school which is a bad thing and may lead to various mental diseases like depression in very less age.

How to make a child feel safe at school

How to make a child feel safe at school is the biggest question nowadays as half of the students just do not want to go to school because they are facing some kind of violence in their school. Most parents do not feel it necessary to ask their children about the problems they are facing in the school, they think that their children just trying to skip the school or making up things for them because they do not want to go school but sometimes it is kind of necessary to listen to them in carefully. Communication is the key and we can sort anything through it. if you are children to denying to go to school then it may be the time to ask them about their life and other things related to it keeping the study aside. Education is important but their mental health is more important than that. If you are children is facing any kind of problem in the school or feeling insecure then meet their school teachers and ask them if they noticed anything or how can they help them to cope up from this problem.

Making a child feel safe at school is the essential thing and if the/she is not feeling safe there then it’s time to know more about your children’s school life. There is guidance here through which you can know how to make a child feel safe at school.

1. Tell your children that you have got their back

It is necessary to make your children feel that someone is always there to listen to them whether the bad or the good without being judged. It is the key process

to make a child comfortable at any place. If your children already know that you are always there to help them regardless of the situation, they will surely tell you everything about their life. Be a friend before a parent. In many cases, students just do not share their things with their parents because they think that their parents will judge them or punish them at any case and because of this, they continue to suffer in the school’s environment. Ask & support them, be their voice if they are unable to raise their voice against something.

It is noticed that few parents just do not listen to their children and always point out their mistakes, sometimes raise their voice. Due to such a situation’s students do not feel it right to about the problems to their parents. That is indeed sound very bad that your child is suffering from some problems and you do not even know that this is why listening is important. Communicate and listen. You never know when your child needs help.

2. Meetings with your children’s teachers and principal and getting answers 

Communication with your children is important but communication with the persons whom your children are spending their day is also a necessary thing. To know the real behaviour of your children in the school go and meet their teachers. Ask them if your child maintains the peace, follow the rules or not and if not then ask your child that why he is not concentrating on the school properly what is the thing due to which he is distracted and this will help you to know more about what is the thing that irritates him/her. Schedule your meetings with the principle of the school and try to know more about the school’s environment and also tell them if in any case, your children are facing any kind of issue in the school.

In order to make children focused on studies and school, teachers play a vital role as they spend the whole day with your children and also one who are teaching them new things and skills daily. A soft conversation with the teacher helps a lot a student. If the teacher is not polite enough then that may be the reason that your children denying to go to school so, ask the teachers if they can help your children to feel safe in the school’s environment.

Another thing is what kind of students your children hanging with, it affects a lot. Always keep your eyes on your children’s friends circle. A bad friend circle or continuous bullying by the students may also be a reason that your children afraid to go to school. Keeping them away from every kind of bullying in the school also helps your children to feel safe in the school.

WEBSITE SUMMARY: Brunhild technologies is a start-up, continuously works for the security of the students in the school. Making a safe environment in the school for the students is their key goal.

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