All values of heat & time of the plant are shown digitally on the control panel

Posted by kartik272 on August 27th, 2019

Ointment Manufacturing Plants are perfect tools for the pharmaceutical & cosmetic manufacturers for the creation of Ointment, Cream, Lotions, Tooth Paste & other emulsions & homogenization.


 Ointment manufacturing plant in India is uniquely created to take care of two critical factors which immediately influences the condition of the Ointment / Creams.

Merest man approach of Ointment.

 Negligible space drop while stirring & mixing.

It also gives the advantages of efficient workforce utilization.


Salient Characteristics of ointment manufacturing plant:

·      Fit for dry mixing of results in powder form.

·      Easy for packing and unpacking.

·      Easy for the wash.

·      All connection pieces are created out of SS304/SS316 or SS316 L class matter, as per client specification.

·      Plain form requires the least support.

·      General arrangement & safety guards gained out of mild steel & painted in Standard Model and got out of SS304 & finished to the matt surface in GMP Model.

·      The "V" shape provides enough constant change to the granules, appear in immeasurable condition.

·      Best care has been taken to assure the safe handling of the unit.

·      Standard rotating equipment with hand wheel for inching.


Ointment Manufacturing Plant in India consists of the following tools and accessories:

1.   Manufacturing Vessel

2.   Wax Phase Vessel

3.   Water Phase Vessel

4.   Storehouse Vessel

5.   Vacuity Pump

6.   Control Panel

7.   Stock Piping

8.   Working Platform

9.   Stock Transfer Pump to Change material from making Vessel to Storage Vessel & Storage Vessel to Ointment Filling M/C.

10. This system consists of a filled circuit production equipment from the feeding of Wax / Water Phase to filling the tank of packing organization.

11. The Wax and Water at necessary heat are given to Manufacturing Vessel or Planetary Mixer, by space in the cone-shaped filter.

12. The result during emulsion composition is recirculated through Ointment Transfer Pump The Pump also sends the result in the Storage Vessel.

13. The Storage Vessel is then delivered to the common area and is linked to again Ointment Transfer Pump, or Storage Vessel stays fixed ( In bigger size ) & pump shifts the medicines in the tank of the Ointment Filling Machine.

14. A centralized running board can run the whole plant by one worker.

15. The plant is provided with an electrical power panel with digital heat signs and digital timers.

16. Least of two groups per team of the same outcome can be secured in this plant.

17. This plant adapts to CGMP rules (Paint Free Construction).

18. Included are a few sheets describing the agreement in an organization.

Optional Features:

·      The Plant is designed to be done only by one worker and one representative.

·      All stock orders are done by fatigue or by check pumps.

·      All the vessels are CGMP (paint free installation)

·      The gaskets used are of silicon.

·      All intermediary parts are of S.S. 304 quality stock (SS316 provided on demand) & completed to class 4B (Mirror) finish and are crack free.

·      The record of all agents are from the top & High-Speed Emulsifier from back or In-line Emulsifier.

·      All vessels are fit for an organic load of 1 Kg. / Sq. Cm. and hence can be washed.

·      All tubes, pipe connections and valves are of SS304 / SS316 as per customer demand seamless nature, within electro polished, with tri-clover finished pieces.

·      The whole plant is provided with CIP & SIP links, so that customer can use this ability if have CIP & SIP equipment.

·      All values of heat & time of the plant are shown digitally on the control panel. Ampere shows on Ampere meters.

·      A microprocessor-based electronic producing plant can be created as per demand.

·      All the inlet & outlet combinations are equipped with tri-clover joints, which are very simple for cleansing & replacement. 

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