Why to have Green Solutions for Our Environment?

Posted by Hartley Webdesign on August 27th, 2019

Why not to have green solutions? We are facing humongousclimatic issues. Every day, the glaciers are melting at massive rate, and the process of desertification is increasing day by day. Animals are facing huge water problems, and green forests are reducing due to scanty rainfall in the remote areas. There is a condition of emergency for the global warming issues. But humans are still burning fossil fuels in a shape of coal, oil, and natural gas. Greenhouse effect has depleted the ozone layer from the stratosphere, and various health issues are created for the humans and animals that are changing the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) of the livings. The only remedy to all this problem is the green solution, i.e. to plant more trees and maintain the balance of the atmosphere, which was used to be in 19th century before the advent of industrial revolution. It is unavoidable for the generation to come and do nothing about the drastic concerns of global warming issues. Obviously, the long-term solution is the planting of trees, but there are many ways we can do to reduce the effect of global warming.

Here are few ways which can be adopted by changing the lifestyle to reduce the effect of global warming and save our children eventually.

  1. Preserve Forest

The first step is to plant trees and increase plantation areas of every land and country in the world, and governments should also take an active part in it to become a driving force for others to change the culture and trends for plant seeding and growth. The next step is the preserving of exiting forests. There is a huge amount of papers we use every day, in any form of writings. We can use kindle pads, recycled envelopes, etc. This may save lot of trees to remain safe form deforestation. 

  1. Use Less Energy

Now, we are shifting to the lifestyles of smart cities, which has the concept green office and green homes. These are the buildings that are designed to use less energy and make the indoor environment moderate for living in hot and cool seasons. The summer seasons may have cool indoor environments, and vice-versa. How do this mechanism work? This is the story of some other day to tell, but one can google it to know how the smart cities systems works to reduce the use of energy. If we are using less energy, it seems we may be burning fewer fossil fuels in the shape of coal, oil, and natural gas. So, it will save our environmental issues. 

  1. Reduce Landfills

The lifestyle of humans is so luxurious, specifically in the advance and developed countries that we could not imagine. Even the useful products are sent to landfills and cannot be used again. There are various methods of reusing different things in homes and offices to reduce landfills, such as wooden desk accessories can be used again and again by refilling processes.

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