Online home insurance quote and why is it important

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No matter whether you live in your own home or have rented it out, it is important that you have home insurance to safeguard your home from risks and damages.

However, due to the multiplicity of home insurance providers and the different types of home insurance policies that are available in the market, choosing the right insurer and the right policy can be confusing.

Getting an online home insurance quote is useful
Safeguarding your home with insurance is important, but choosing the right insurer and the right policy can be confusing. This is where an Online Home Insurance Quote serves useful. It enables you search the market and check out the best deals on home insurance.

This is important because different companies can offer you different rates. The reason for this is that different companies follow different models to calculate risk and accordingly their coverage offerings also differ from each other. The quote you get from one insurance provider does not always indicate what another provider may offer you.

You will realize that when you compare insurance offers online and check out the best deals, you will be able to determine whether you’re overpaying and whether other insurers are able to give matching, or even better rates. This is where Beneficial Insurance Solutions steps in. They will explain you the different options that are available to you and suggest you the best home insurance policy that meets your needs and is most economical to you.

Reasons to purchase home insurance
- Storms can cause damage
Alberta is prone to storms like sleet, hail or flooding that can cause extensive damage to your property. For instance:
o Hailstorms can break windows.
o Tornadoes can cause damage to your roof.
o Floods can cause damages to basements.
As these natural disasters happen unannounced, it is best to take an online home insurance quoteand purchase home insurance.

- Damage due to fires
Fires can get triggered due to any reason from within your home, or from outside. They can cause extensive damage to your personal property, priceless family heirlooms, old photos, appliances, furniture, electronics and other essential items for everyday use.

- Theft and vandalism
Theft and vandalism can occur when you are away on holidays or on a business trip.

- Other people
This insurance protects you in case any guest or an uninsured worker gets injured in your home, or on your property. In case such an incident happens, then you could be liable for the medical expenses of that person, in case you are not covered.

- Insurance in case of Mortgage
You are expected to have insurance if you have a mortgage on your property, or in case you are a tenant. While you are only expected to purchase minimal coverage to meet the terms of a loan or a lease, it is a best practice to purchase a wider level of insurance coverage.

Factors affecting home insurance rates in Alberta
The factors affecting home insurance in Canada are consistent across all Canadian provinces.

- Replacement cost:
Insurers seek to determine how much it would cost to replace your home alongwith its contents, since insurance only covers the cost to replace the structure and the contents of your home and the valuation is not based on the current market value of your home.

- Neighborhood demographics:
Your address and the neighborhood in which you live has a bearing on the amount of premium. Neighborhood demographics, and your area's claim history and zone classification. Above all, your personal claims history also matters a lot.

- Local topography:
Local topography is also a factor. Homes near a lake or a river are more prone to flooding and so have a higher premium.

Consult a knowledgeable insurance broker about home insurance
Keeping in mind the above, it must however be noted that most insurers calculate risk differently and therefore you as a customer may get different rates for your home insurance. Hence, as a best practice, it is advisable that you shop around and get the best online home insurance quote.
Beneficial Insurance Solutions truly understand the needs of Canadian residents and can guide you through the best home insurance solution.

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