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1 1 - What is so far known about Vietnam e-visa?
1 2 - Why Vietnam e-visa leads in its segment?

1 3 - What are the application steps to be followed for Vietnam e-visa?

To some or other, attending to foreign locations may look hassle-free while differents gets worried. And, the reason is not hidden for everyone. Availing visa for a particular country without pain seems like swimming through a river while enjoying. We won’t be discussing ahead other than the details about Vietnam e-visa. If you are one of those unaccustomed to merits and demerits of Vietnam e-visa, definitely we are going to fill it in you. Why Vietnam electronic visa must be chosen over other variants? How is it different from Vietnam visa on arrival? Also, which are the constraints comes free with it? All will be spoken in regard.               

What is so far known about Vietnam e-visa?

This was introduced by Vietnam Immigration Department in February 2017 for leveraging the foreigners with elimination of Vietnam Embassy visit in-person and send off the passport and other documents by post. Nationals of 80 countries only are authorized to get in hands the Vietnam e-visa for the sake of their identity, security and administration concerns.

Major drawback of this visa is valid for 1 month only and travelers are eligible for single entry merely as well. Else in the case of Vietnam visa on arrival, this time period can be extended to 3 months multiple entry; 6 months and 1 year multiple entry scheme is available on US passports only. Second restriction blocks the way in its relish is granted for tourism purpose only and not for business, family or relative visits.

Why Vietnam e-visa leads in its segment?

Though its processing time is given a lighter consideration, non-refundable fees of 25 USD is only inflicted to obtain Vietnam e-visa. Whilst others aspects has to be noticed, VOA levies approval letter and stamping fee together to serve the outsiders. A Vietnam e-visa get processed in 3 to 5 working days and that’s a flaw over VOA. Topic of entry ports if sails away during the debate, be informed a distinct passport holder can get inside Vietnam by land, water or sea referencing to 28 entry ports.

What are the application steps to be followed for Vietnam e-visa?

  • Link your browser to the online portal of Applyvietnamvisa.
  • Press the tab of Apply E-Visa.
  • Put up the general and contact details in the Visa Options section.
  • Forward to applicant details.
  • Make the payment.
  • Review your visa application.
  • Submit the visa form.

We will check the errors if contained in your application on our part and transmit it to Vietnam Immigration Department. On the ready of your E-visa, we will receive that document and transfer it to your inbox on the rendered email address.

Vietnam e-visa is pertinent piece of electronic matter that bestows you convenience in reaching Vietnam. If you don’t want to be consisted in the long queue at airports for visa stamp acquire, E-visa is the best method to go after for sufficing your intentions. Leave off the sneak peek to Vietnam tourist destinations on your laptop and get out of your bedroom to explore Vietnam at entirety through the resources of Applyvietnamvisa.

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1 3 - What are the application steps to be followed for Vietnam e-visa?

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