Sprucing up your Home with Wood Home Décor Accessories

Posted by Nurture India on August 27th, 2019

Wood Home Décor Accessories are a perfect addition to any home. They can bring a cozy and traditional feel to any living space. These accessories are a visual treat to the eye, and easy to find, if you know the right place to shop from. Why not create a look for your interiors that is charming and chic? Add some vintage accents, and you have a house that looks delightful to everyone who lives in it as well as those who visits it. Choose the Wooden Home Décor India from places that will provide you with authentic and quality pieces.

Now the best part about these wooden accessories is that they are not just for decorative purposes, they are very much functional pieces as well. That is what this article will open your eyes to. You can buy items that not only look great, but come in pretty handy when you want to use them for dining or serving food or just for storing knick-knack. Find out more here…

Wooden Accessories for Serving

Allow yourself to imagine this scenario: you are a wonderful baker, and you love making cakes and pastries, and pies that make everyone go yummmmmm. Your cakes look great and taste super awesome. Imagine these wonderful pieces of edible art on a plastic plate!! There cannot be anything more demeaning than that.

Instead, pick up a handcrafted wooden cake stands in matching or complementary colors. These are going to be an ideal choice for your baked masterpiece. The cake stands from Nurture India are perfect for this.

And while we are talking about serving food, it goes beyond baked treats. Wooden platters and trays make ideal serve ware for the wonderful food or beverages that you would like to serve to your guests. Available in a variety of shapes and with subtle engraving, they provide the perfect partner to your delicious food. And if you want to be a little more creative than the normal host, you can use these trays and platters in your living room to hold small accessories and items, making it a center of attraction for anyone who has an eye for aesthetics.

Wooden Accessories for Dining

Dining is not just about eating food. It is about a whole lot more. When you dine at a good restaurant or a discerning person’s home, you see that utmost care has been taken to set the table, with flowers, and tablecloths, placemats, suitable cutlery. When the food comes from the kitchen, it is in bowls and plates that suit to a Table.

Wooden serving bowls can take your well-cooked food to the next level. Or, if you want to keep it extra casual, put some snacks into a round snack bowl from Nurture India and watch your guests go “Wow”.

Wood for Food Storage

Imagine another scenario: you love dry fruits and nuts and you want to have them in a place, where you can serve them to people who visit. Nothing would be uglier than just plonking those dry fruits and nuts onto an ordinary plate or bowl. Also, you want them to be protected from moisture or careless hands. A dry fruits box is what would be most suitable and if it is a Jaipur wood block carving storage box with sliding top, it will not only store the nuts well but look like a piece of art with its intricate carving and polished finish.

And storage can go beyond food as well. Small hand carved storage boxes and jewelry boxes can come in handy for storing all those trinkets and tiny pieces that have a weird tendency of getting lost, just when you look for them.

Wooden Accessories in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important room in the house. Individuals spend considerable amount of time in kitchen to prepare meals. Not only that, it’s also the place where the guest usually comes in after the living room. Hence, it’s very important that the kitchen should be neat, organized and clutter free.

Groceries are brought from the market and stored and chopped up there to make their way to meals on the table. Chopping those greens or onions on a wooden chopping board from Nurture India makes choppingan easy job. Also, the unique shapes and carvings of the chopping board are being witching. These chopping boards can double up as serving platters too. You can chop items as well as serve those delicious veg kebabs and frieson them.

And to keep your hands and surroundings clean, place the kitchen tissue role on those wooden holders that are functional and pretty to look at.


Nurture India is a great place to source Wood Home Décor Accessories. Your house and kitchen will look much more beautiful with unique items that make up Wooden Home Décor in India.

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