The Amazing Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Posted by floorsvariety on August 28th, 2019

Overlay hardwood flooring is elegant, and it resembles the style, warmth, and durability of solid timber flooring. But unlike its heavy counterpart, overlay hardwood flooring is systematically engineered to retain its sheen and utility for years and years. 

There are several brands of overlay hardwood flooring. Some are of high quality, while others are not, and one of the best ones on the market is reward hardwood flooring

Here are some of the amazing benefits of Reward hardwood flooring: 

First, the brand has an entire line of products inspired by trees like acacia, birch, hickory, maple, oak, and walnut. It has different tones to suit every client’s requirements. 

Second, the products are a lot less expensive than its solid-timber counterpart in terms of acquisition and maintenance costs. With Reward’s anti-scratch technology, there is practically no need to worry about accelerated wear and tear. 

Third, the products are more affordable than carpets and area rugs, also in terms of acquisition and maintenance costs. These are also less harmful to people and pets because there are no fibers where dust, mites, and hazardous particles can accumulate. 

Fourth, the products are very easy to clean. Talk about saving time and conserving resources. 

Fifth, Reward hardwood flooring is intended for residential and commercial use. It can accommodate heavy foot traffic and constant activity, with minimal risk of ugly scratches and deep cuts. 

Sixth, the products are sold per square foot and are ever present on the market. In the rare situation where your floor is badly damaged, you do not need to rip up the entire floor and have it completely replaced. Just deal with the affected area and things will be back to pre-disaster condition. 

Seventh, the products are so easy to handle that even amateurs can lay out the floor nicely. This translates to savings on installation costs and lots of fun for DIY enthusiasts. Moreover, the overlay hardwood strips can be laid over concrete or wood. 

Eighth, so confident is the manufacturer that it offers a 25-year warranty for residential use and a 3-year warranty for light commercial use. This is why Reward is the top choice of contractors, interior designers, property owners, property managers, and end-users. 

Ready to get your overlay hardwood flooring materials but have no idea what supplier to trust? If so, just do a quick Web search and type up “best hardwood flooring store in simi valley” and visit the company sites that appear in the results page.

The company you choose should have amazing customer ratings and reviews, especially on independent review sites. It should also have the ability to ship across the country, which means that it can readily deliver to your address.

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