The Snacks When Drinking tea

Posted by naturalpuerh on August 28th, 2019

We are Natural pu-erh tea Company based in yunnan. We can supply all kind of green tea and black tea raw material from northern province of Vietnam from: Lao Cai, Son La, Phu Tho and Thai Nguyen province.

There is no snacks with tea, just like the Chinese tea culture is missing half. Fortunately, people in some places still insist on tradition. For example, Guangdong people drink morning tea is still insisting on "one cup two pieces", that is, a cup of tea, two kinds of tea snacks. The native Fujianese drink Kung Fu tea, but they still need to accompany snacks, such as bean cake, coconut cake, mung bean cake and so on. There are also people in other places who insist. First of all, the refreshment culture will be restored in the tea house, and the Beijing Laoshe Teahouse is also trying to restore the “original taste”. In the past, when Beijingers went to the tea house, in addition to a cup of tea, there must be several kinds of tea snacks on the table.

The basic principle of choosing refreshmentsThe choice of refreshment can be said to be both a technology and an art. It requires an understanding of tea and a deep understanding of food traits. However, mastering some principles makes it relatively easy to choose.

First, the sexual taste is consistent. That is to say, the food should adapt to the tea, and the taste should match the taste of the tea. Some experts have summed up the simple three sentences, namely: "sweet match with green, sour with red, melon seeds with oolong." Remember this sentence, micro-sense, even if you grasp the general outline. 

The second is visual matching. Different teas have different tea flavors and tea flavors, and they need foods with different tastes. Different tea leaves are in the shape of tea and brown, and need different foods. Only in this way can a visual harmony be formed. For example, Longjing's tea juice is clear and light, crystal dumplings are a good match, Pu-erh tea juice is heavy, and beef jerky is best.

Such as boiled peanuts, edamame, a variety of beans impregnated with salt water, clear oil and sweet, but sweet and sweet desserts, these are a good match for green tea. With such a refreshment, it can not only enhance the fragrance of green tea, but also enhance the taste of snacks.

Some oolong teas are also lighter in taste, but more fragrant, and not suitable for snacks that are too rich. They can be served with low-sugar or low-salt teas such as melon seeds, peanuts, pea greens, and kidney beans.

Black tea belongs to whole fermented tea, and there are three kinds of black tea, kungfu black tea and red broken tea. The famous products in black tea include Zhengshan race, Dianhong, Phoenix, etc. People drink more Phoenix.

The taste of black tea is more mellow and rich, suitable for some soda or salty, sour taste, such as wild jujube cake, ebony cake, candied fruit and so on. It can also be served with some cakes.These years, Pu-erh tea is popular, and it is said that it has a strong effect of scraping oil and removing fat.

Modern people have excess nutrients, and Pu-erh tea is a good feature that caters to the needs of the times. Pu-erh tea is divided into raw tea and cooked tea.

The taste of raw tea is near green tea. The taste of Pu-erh tea is more mellow. It is better to mix some of the more tasteful food such as beef jerky, various kinds of meat, and preserved fruit. Dairy products such as cheese, milk skin, milk residue, etc., or nuts with larger oils, such as salt and pepper peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc.

Need to be reminded that the refreshment is only the foil of the tea, in order to highlight the taste, can not be overwhelmed, become a "tea rice", then lost the original meaning of tea.

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