4 reasons to hire a pedestrian road accident lawyer

Posted by The Injury Lawyers on August 28th, 2019

Since last few years, pedestrian accidents have increased more than 10% and there are indications that it might increase even more next year. This is due to a number of factors like texting while driving or messaging while driving where there are also confusing new patterns that have attempted to increase safety. It is because of these increased challenges that any one of us should call up the Pedestrian Road Accident Lawyer.
It is essential that you should know if you are entitled to any benefits irrespective of the notion of whether or not you were at a fault. You might be due for a settlement if you had to undergo a medical treatment or any therapy after the accident. You might also think that you can settle this issue on your own but the statistical data have shown that 25% of people who have chosen to represent themselves at court have lost 90% of the time. This makes it all the more reasons to hire a pedestrian accident attorney because:

1.They can assist you in determining the fault

It has been generally assumed that when the car and pedestrian collide, it is mostly the driver who is at a fault. This might be true in all of the cases but it is not in every single instance. The pedestrians who undermine the value of crosswalks or traffic signals can find that even though they were the one who was injured, it was their own fault. The drivers are at a fault when they have failed to yield the marked crosswalks. But how all of these things are proved without evidence? There are mainly only testimonies and medical exams to be shown where it can be very complicated to determine the fault.

2.Determination of damages can be done by them
If you were injured because of an accident, you can claim the injury through the driver’s car insurance company in order to get the bills paid. The injured pedestrians are offered the settlement but these insurance companies often offer a low pay-out. If you think that the amount is inadequate to the needs, you can take it up to the civil court. It is during these times that the pedestrian accident attorney can help you determine how much you are entitled to be paid where you can also be assured that you will win the case.

3.They can help you in any of the worst-case scenarios

If you have been injured in an accident, the worst thing can be that the driver has sped off and has left you injured at the scene. There is a severe penalty for the hit-and-run drivers, where they are of course caught. If the driver has not been caught, you might face hurdles in receiving the compensation. After you have talked to the police and have begun the investigation, you can call a lawyer. They might help you by speaking to your insurance company so that you can get most out of your coverage.

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