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Posted by indigorentacar on August 28th, 2019

A vehicle via the Internet is one of the options available to a renter to make a reservation. It has many advantages, but also some disadvantages.

If you choose to go through the website of a Best Car rental Company, to reserve your vehicle, you will be winner on several points. With your computer or mobile, you can compare the offers offered by all websites from your couch. No need to run from company to company to find the formula that suits you best.

Your priority is definite to find the most economical offer. Certainly, it is by asking Google to find for you the offer that offers the best value for money you find your happiness.  By booking, car rental online, the payment will also be easier since you will pay by credit card directly on the site. One last thing: it is not uncommon to find promotional offers while surfing the Internet. But to benefit, you have no alternative but to make your reservation on the web. You will see, it is not very complicated.

Online Booking, However, Does Not Only Have Advantages

But you must also take into account the few disadvantages you may face. Regarding the negotiation for example, you will probably have a hard time getting a small reduction in the price of the lease against this intractable entity that is the Internet.  Also comes the problem of intelligence. If you have a specific question (s), it is probably not a rental site that will answer you accurately. In these situations, nothing better than having a real interlocutor to address!

Online (Internet): The Most Interesting Sales Channel.

To book your vehicle, do not look for the nearest car rental company: Internet has become the most interesting sales channel for individuals. For two reasons: it makes it possible to rapidly compare the proposals of the renters and the prices practiced there are, in general, more enticing (see our tables). Only condition: book through this channel and pay online with a credit card. According to the renters and the periods considered, the rates are 5% to 15% lower than those of the companies.

In addition to the sites of the car rental themselves, you can go through service sites like, or These are mediators who negotiate prices with certain rental companies and charge the service to the customer, the rental agreement being signed with the car rental company on the day of the withdrawal of the vehicle. This solution makes it possible to compare several brands - with whom the intermediary is bound by a commercial agreement - and to quickly release the best price. However, fares are not necessarily cheaper than renting directly from a network, and the name of the renter is not always known before paying the bill, as at This does not leave you the choice of the renter and can pose a problem of proximity with the company .

All You Need To Know To Rent A Car At The Best Price

The car rental is no exception to the rule: between large networks and low cost renters, the price war is raging! With Internet in the background. Here are the best ways to find the best price in all situations.

Also compare the mileage included and the price of insurance, with the arrival of spring; there are many opportunities to rent a car for a weekend or a week. Question: which is the cheapest renter? It is not always easy to navigate the packages, the daily prices, the multiple insurances and the various supplements. In rental agencies and on the Internet, competition is still fierce between traditional rental companies such as Avis, IndigRentACar (Dubai, UAE), Hertz and Europcar, and low-price specialists such as Ada, Ucar or Car Go. First of all, be aware that Fixed price era is over. The rate schedule applicable to a vehicle over a fixed period, regardless of the booking day and the rental period, is no longer really the rule. Only hirers like Ucar or Car Go still use this method ... yet very convenient for the customer.

Rates Are The Big Difference.

As in air transport where the hotel industry, the time is in "yield management" or "real-time pricing". In other words, the higher the demand, the higher the tariffs are

And they can vary up or down, depending on the booking date, the rental period, or the company  involved.

Added to this is a variation in prices over time: the shorter the rental period, the fewer cars available and the higher the rates. Direct consequence for the customer: rent as far in advance as possible is the best way to find the desired car at the best price. Otherwise, if you rent in off-season, it is always possible to negotiate. Any car rental company aiming to make the most of its fleet of cars, you can get from your company  a discount of 5 to 10% or a free upgrade: a family car for the price of a compact, for example. Some agencies, such as those on the Ada network, sometimes offer their regular customers a weekend at a discounted price, always better for the operator to immobilize the vehicle.

Tips To Be Sure, To Rent Well

  • Use the Internet to compare prices: the offer is wide and almost all professionals rent cheaper through this channel, provided they pay online.
  • Ask before booking, the full price of the rental, with and without redemption of the franchise, the number of kilometers included and the price of the additional kilometer.
  • Avoid expensive supplements, such as taking into account a second driver.
  • Pay with your Visa Premier or Mastercard Gold to qualify for full franchise surrender insurance. Attention, however, to exclusion cases, such as high-end cars.
  • Acquire a franchise buy back (or deduction) insurance offered by the lessor, if the one on your bank card does not cover this risk.
  • Make a complete inventory of the vehicle with the renter before leaving: note well strokes and scratches, damaged headlight, worn tires, defective car radio, etc.
  • Be particularly careful if you rent a utility: the deductibles are very high in case of disaster, and the high parts are never insured.
  • Know, in the event of an accident, that the renter can not impose an amount of repair from its only estimate (recommendation 96-2 of the Unfair Terms Commission of 3.9.96).
  • Fill the fuel tank just before returning the vehicle. Otherwise, the lessor will charge the fuel at least 50% more than in the trade.
  • Return the vehicle, preferably during the opening hours of the company: otherwise, your responsibility can be committed until the time of reopening.

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