Event Planning and Event Management Confluence and Contrast

Posted by avnycrentals on August 28th, 2019

Nowadays, people are very much familiar with terms like event management and planning. But often people mix them and interpret them as one vast service. This misconception should be cleared. These services have become a necessity today for almost every event. From corporate events to private events, such management and planners take up the responsibility to organize the event in a successful way.

In order to opt for any event management or planner, one should definitely mix up the services and specifications of the two groups. So, the foremost thing one should do is to separately understand certain differences between the two. However, these two may work together in many aspects to enhance the quality of any event. Collaborations are always fruitful as long as one gets benefitted from it.

Event Management

Event management groups and companies usually look over multiple events across many places. They are not limited to any one event. Since the companies are generally vast in their activities and services, they are able to take charge of numerous events at a time with the help of their skilled managers and staff. For example, if an individual is looking for event management services in New York City, then it is not necessary for the management group to belong from New York. Companies from different cities may take charge of events which happen in New York. Following are some of the services provided by professional event managers:

Event goals put-down activities
Budget estimation
Event strategies and process creations
Plans for any contingency and emergency
Data security management
Tools and software for event management
ROI measurement
Professional management of multiple events
Event set-up and diversity from place to place

There are some other facilities provided event management companies which basically provides them a superior position to sit on.

Event Planning

This thing is somewhat different from event management. Event planning can be considered as a sub-division of event management. Event planners work on a small-scale basis and look after a particular event under the main event manager. Though the responsibilities of an event planner are nothing less than an event manager. The planners are directly involved in the execution process of an event. Services of an event planning group are the following:

Guest list creation
Verification of the theme and venue
Proper estimation of the total budget
Menu decisions as well as catering services
Get-over all the entertainment appliances
Transportation and Stay facilities
Management of the entire tactical team.

Several event planners also provide extensive event production services to meet each and every production need of an event.


Though event management and event planning differ in many ways, there remain many common aspects between the two. In fact, these two should work together as one in order to enhance as well as optimize the outcomes of an event. Open communication between the event managers and planners should be perfectly established to deal properly with every circumstance with absolute teamwork. Positive results are confirmed, at least for this type of confluence and union.

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