Why Do Some Companies Choose Digital Business Phones Only?

Posted by eliteinternet on August 29th, 2019

What are digital business phones?

These are conventionally used phone systems that are used in making calls through PSTN or Phone lines. PSTN is wired phones for making telephone calls. These types of phones depend on circuit switching. In this system, calls are routed through several switches operating at different locations.

In an era where IP phones are fast becoming a trend, digital business phones are still popular options among several business owners. Given here is a quick look.

Why some companies prefer digital business phones only?

First of all, most businesses, especially small or start-ups, begin their hunt for new digital phone systems. They explore the latest technology options available, IP-PBX or VoIP that can connect through any means (SIP trunks, PRI, Co Lines, etc.) These businesses are usually small offices or retail setups that only need 3-4 phone lines or 15 lines at the most. These business setups operate with the traditional copper phone lines which are not a PRI circuit.

These small and budding businesses normally choose digital business phones in Santa Barbara County or elsewhere or choose open Internet VoIPservice, also known as hosted business VoIP. This is because the initial cost for setting these systems up is less.

Most start-ups do not have an extended network and cannot afford to spend much; therefore, they go for digital phones in which the cost of installing is relatively low. These phones can also be installed easily on the premises. If LAN is not VoIP ready, the costs increase leaving most start-ups ill-equipped with a proper network.

What type of companies opt for digital business phones?

As previouslymentioned,there are plenty of small businesses that opt for digital business phones in Los Angeles or elsewhere. These are certain retail stores such as hardware stores, pizza franchises, lawn service companies, insurance agencies, spare parts stores, etc. If the business is small, ill-equipped and tight on budget, it is good to have digital phones. Even if a business has 4-5 phone lines from a traditional carrier, has a fax line and up to 10 employees, traditionally used business digital phones are good enough. Simplicity and familiarity also play a role in some companies that get digital business phones.

Furthermore,digital phones have an added advantage over the latest IP phones. Separate lines are provided for these phones, leaving them unaffected with the problems of the Internet and are virtually hassle-free.

In short, the phone you choose for your business depends on the type of requirements you have and your budget. For start-ups lacking resources, digital phones are the best choices.For installing IP phones, more is required upon installation, functionalities, and network.

Although there may be extra costs incurred for installation, network and other functionalities, IP phones save a lot in running costs, thus having a better return on investment.

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