WoW Classic Tips: Choose your race carefully

Posted by meilleursDofuskamas on August 29th, 2019

There is no doubt that all of WoW Classic's servers are now very crowded, and the biggest challenge you face is how to avoid those lengthy queues. There is a solution to this problem: you can stay away from the high-population servers that Blizzard has warned, and try to choose a PvE server because the PvP server has a larger population. But even if you have successfully spent the queue waiting time and entered the game, you have a great chance of encountering a large number of players in the starting area. It is a very difficult task to compete for resources and monsters with so many players. Therefore, the choice of race becomes very important.

Hazzikostas said that the number of players on the release date is so large, although Blizzard is using layering technology to create multiple copies of Azeroth to deal with the crowd, but when you start to take risks, you need to find among thousands of players. Your own location. The starting area for each race will be the highest density of players. If you don't care about the race you play, then those unpopular races may be a better option, which will allow you to get through the early stages of the game. ZZWOW provides the best service for all WoW Classic players! You can buy the cheapest WOW Classic Gold, the fastest WoW Classic Boosting Service, at ZZWOW. They have the most professional staff and customer service, you can rest assured to buy everything you need.

For Alliance players, you should avoid choosing the hottest humans - Northshire Abbey is going to be a veritable zoo. The hunting area outside Ironforge further expands the impact of Dwarves and Gnomes. Therefore, Night Elves is a good choice, you can more easily complete a variety of tasks involving killing monsters. And you can collect enough resources in the mines in the wild.

For tribes, don't consider Orc and Troll. These two races are not only the most popular, but their starting area is shared. If you don't want to spend a few hours killing a wolf in the Valley of Trials, It is wise to skip Orc and Troll. Tauren and Undead are roughly the same popularity, but Tauren will share the area with Orc and Troll in the subsequent leveling area, so Undead will be the best choice for a smooth game.

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