6 Factors to be a Good Tea

Posted by naturalpuerh on August 29th, 2019

We have our own pu-erh and black tea garden in the famous tea producing area in Puer City, Yunnan.Our tea garden associated with blue sky and white clouds, neighboring with forest and grass, thriving quietly in the mountains beside the Lancang river.No air pollution, no pollution of water source, no pollution of soil, no pollution of processing technology.

Behind a cup of good tea, it reveals that from the planting of tea trees, the collection of tea, and the brewing of tea... every link is treated with the most delicate attitude. So what is the standard of good tea? Like the diverse face of the tea ceremony world, everyone likes and goes deeper, a cup of tea, how to applaud, each person's definition is different.

  Good tea in the conventional sense needs to include the following:

First, the soup is translucent

   This is the most intuitive criterion for judging whether it is good tea. Regardless of whether the tea soup is red, green, black, white or yellow, the key is to be "translucent", and the soup is translucent, in addition to making people pleasing to the eye, it also explains

   1. The production process of tea is excellent, no broken.

   2, good storage conditions, no dust, no mildew.

   3. The tea contains abundant substances and is well released.

   4, the science of brewing methods. Sometimes, due to brewing, the tea will be turbid, such as the water temperature is too high, and too much tea is used in high-flux.

Second, the bitter taste spreads out from the tongue, not the convergence

   It is not tea, but bitterness is the nature of tea, but the key is whether it can be quickly dispersed. If bitterness and astringency remain in the mouth, the so-called "eyeing at the tongue" should not be considered a good tea. Some people are good at this, it can only be regarded as a personal subjective standard.

Third, no smell, strange smell, water taste

   1, odor, refers to the taste of the tea itself, generally because the tea in the production and storage process, absorb other flavors, such as perfume or cosmetic taste, smoke, other miscellaneous. Because the adsorption of tea is very good, we must pay attention to the production and storage. Once the odor is absorbed, it can hardly be removed. Even the best tea is destroyed.

  2, strange taste, refers to the unpleasant taste of tea itself, such as musty. There are also some languages that cannot be expressed, which makes people feel uncomfortable. It is also said that this is the special thing about this tea. Don't listen to his ghosts. The strange smell often indicates that there is a problem with this tea, and harmful substances such as aflatoxins have appeared. It is not good for health.

   3, water taste, refers to the separation of tea and water, light taste. The water taste often appears when the tea soup is light, and the good tea does not appear to be separated from the tea.

Fourth, the bottom of the leaf is fresh

   The bottom of a good tea, no matter which of the six major teas, fresh is a common feature.

   1. The raw materials of tea are good. The bottom of the leaf is the reduction of tea green.

   2, the tea production process is good, did not kill the tea.

   3, brewing properly, let the tea fully soaked, and did not make the tea soaked, stuffy.

Fifth, Good tea can not have harmful substances such as pesticide residues.

   This is the rules of good tea. Drinking tea can't ignore the healthy nature of tea in order to satisfy the appetite. Resolutely resist tea with excessive levels of harmful substances such as pesticide residues and heavy metals.

Sixth, good tea makes people happy

   Don't think that this is a subjective standard. Good tea is pleasant because of the aromatic substances and certain ingredients in the good tea. Drinking will promote the secretion of dopamine, which makes people feel happy and clear-headed. The more you drink, the more depressed you are.

   So when you are not sure about the above criteria, use this as the sole criterion. After all, tea is liked by almost all countries and nations in the world, not by education, but by the essence of tea: drinking tea Feel comfortable.


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