3 Ways to Get Rid of Old Furniture for Free

Posted by George Warren on August 29th, 2019

Furniture completes a house because it makes the house a home. The furniture has an expiration date and you will have to get new furniture at some point. You can also get new furniture if you are a looking to refresh the look of the house.

The furniture you choose helps in setting the tone, comfort level and aesthetics of the house. But when you get new furniture you have to get rid of the old one you have in your house. There are better ways to get rid of the furniture rather than just leaving it on the curb.

Here are a few tips that can help in getting rid of the old furniture.

Make a Donation:

If the furniture you are replacing is in useable condition then you do not have to waste it by throwing it to the curb. Instead of dumping it on the curve you should donate it because it you will get rid of the furniture and do some good in the process. You can do some research on the internet and you will manage to find places that are in need of some furniture and your donation can make a huge difference. You can give the furniture to thrift stores, women shelters, orphanages, etc.

Send it to a Landfill:

The furniture can get worn out with time and if you have to buy new furniture because the old one is way past the expiration date then you will have to just throw it away. But you have to find a way to dispose it in the best way so that it does not become harmful waste. You can hire waste removal service to take the old furniture to the landfill. The service will recycle whatever is salvageable and dispose the rest of it in the best way possible.

Hiring a service will save you the trouble of hauling the furniture to the landfill yourself. Before you hire the service you can check the details of the services so you know what methods are used by them. There are a lot of services that recycle and donate items.

Use Online Platforms:

There are a lot of online platforms that give you a chance to give away the furniture for some money. You can put the list of furniture of platforms such as Craiglist. If you do not want any money from the furniture and out up the tag free then you will be able to get rid of literally anything. The online platforms will offer access to a wider audience and make it easier to find a new home for the old furniture.


When you toss out old furniture you are creating waste and contributing to degradation of the environment. If the furniture is in useable condition then there will be someone who will be in need for the sofa or the chair you no longer need. You should check the trade networks and you will get an opportunity to trade what you do not need for something that you need. It will help in saving money as you will not have to pay a full price.

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