Role Reversal in Academics - Career-makerís Uncertain Fate of Their Own Career

Posted by Indiafirst ePaper on August 29th, 2019

Education is a fundamental right in the country of India. As it should be, it is completely justified that everyone gets a decent level of education no matter what their initial conditions are. However, there is something that is turning a few eyeballs, no matter what.

As per Odisha News, The School and Mass Education Department of Odisha has spun a web that a few teachers might not like accordingly. But we will see how things go. It is said that the government is keeping the responsibilities in the hands of the students themselves.

Now, you must have guessed where this train is heading to. The new rule states that students will be giving feedback about how the teachers are teaching in the educational institution’s premises. It is not exactly an awkward thing since feedback from students is pretty common.

The real twist came as this feedback will determine the appraisal possibilities of the teachers. This is not exactly a scary prospect, however, things might go down south real quick if the situation isn’t taken care of, at least from the teacher’s point of view.

From the students’ point of view, it is a completely different ball game now. As per the Odisha News reports, the teachers will have to note down their entry and exit times. After that, they will also have to mention the subject that they taught to the class in brief along with the number of students that were present in the class.

On the same note, the students will be asked to give feedback on how the teachers are teaching their respective subjects. The feedback will comprise of the difficulty of the subject as well as the ability of the teacher to make the students understand the very topic easily.

Using this feedback information, the School and Mass Education Department of Odisha will take care of the teachers it has appointed. Few people might be happy since this will regularise the overall situation of government-run schools in the state.

The only advice in this very aspect will be the use of biometric measures to note down the entry and exit time. The use of pen-and-paper signatures and timestamps are pretty sketchy and are already known to cause a lot of inconsistency in work among other departments in the Government.

Hopefully, this will bring public schools into the mix and people will be able to consider their choices at least for the time being.

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