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5 Tips for Better Aging

Posted by alvina12 on August 29th, 2019

Everyone wants to age better. We all want to have that youthful glow when we reach our golden years, we want to age well and feel like a teenager. I know I don’t want to age and become overweight and end up in a wheelchair with achy joints. So I have searched and searched for better aging tips, and now that I have a collection of tips I want to share some of the tips I find important.

5 Tips for Better Aging

I have done a lot of searching, reading, and interviewing people that have aged or are aging and remained fit and fabulous in their golden years. I have found a lot of useful information, and I want to share some important stuff with everyone. So here are 5 tips I find important for better aging.

● Eat Healthy

● Get Sleep

● Live an Active Lifestyle

● Reduce Stress

● Take Control of Your Health

These are definitely 5 things to live by to age better. Anyone can do these things for better aging. Let's look at them in a little more depth.

In Depth

It was very hard to narrow down all the useful tips and information I had found to just 5 tips. I managed to get the list smaller, so here we go with my 5 better aging tips.

Eat Healthy

Eat foods that are well balanced and nutrient rich, likes fruits, veggies and whole grain foods. Avoiding heavily processed foods is a great diet tip, heavily processed foods will turn into fat and get stored in problem areas. Heavily processed foods can also cause joint inflammation and pain. A healthy diet also works with better aging exercises.

Get Sleep

Older adults need the same amount of sleep as young adults do. Older adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night to remain healthy and age better. Having a regular bedtime routine and keeping your bedroom quiet and dark will help you sleep better. Enough sleep is essential for proper brain and body function and the needed energy to get through the day.

Reduce Stress

Stress is horrible for a person of any age, let alone as we age and our brains and bodies change. Stress does damage to our brain cells, it affects the ability of our bodies to fight off infection and recover from injury. Eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep will help reduce stress physically and mentally, which is essential for better aging.

Take Control

Taking control of your life, health and environment will help you age better, it is also probably one of the most important of my tips for better aging. If you have a poor lifestyle or live in a poor environment you need to make changes. Most importantly you need to take control of your health care. Ask your physician any questions you have about your health, if you experience any symptoms that are concerning seek medical attention for them. To age better you need to take care of yourself.

In The End

These are the most important 5 tips for better aging, we all can follow them in our younger years to ensure better aging in the future. We need to exercise, eat healthy, sleep well and reduce stress. All of these tips are essential for better aging.

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