TV Repair For Beginners- How To Troubleshoot

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Television has been an integral part of human life from the innovation of this magic box. Your daily life would be incomplete without having a glimpse of your favourite daily show, or the daily news digest, or maybe the cricket match of your favorite team. Every one of us needs relaxation after the all-day work stress and entertainment be our choice. There are already other mediums available (like mobile, desktop) but nothing can take the place of TV.


But, what will you do when you face any issue with your TV? Sometimes, it is not possible to go to the service center and moreover, the repairing cost of the TV is a little less of the price of a new television set. So, paying such prices for repairing does not make sense.

The majority of the customers do not know the basic facts and the working principles of a TV. having said that, a basic knowledge of how a TV set works and what can go wrong can be of great value even if you do not attempt the repair yourself.

In this article, we will provide you the knowledge of the TV Repair For Beginners and guide you on how to get rid of a large percentage of all the problems.

Precaution To Be Taken

As television is an electronic device, repairing it can be complicated and dangerous if proper safety measures are not followed. First thing, if you are in doubt in resolving the issues of your TV, then STOP; rather call the professionals to assist you. These sets contain high voltage which can be harmful if you are not careful enough. Always turn off the TV before starting any physical operation. It's recommended working with someone who always double-checks for you. Make sure to keep your fingers away from the metal elements.

Some Facets To Watch Out

Check if the problem is with the television or with other components. To confirm this, plug it in another receptacle and if the TV works well, The problem is not with the television set. For a better understanding of the connection, you might try plugging in a lamp to the power source. Another important test that you can do to check your remote batteries to ensure that it isn’t the cause of the problem. Check any signs of burn around the TV set to confirm the damage of the TV cord. You should keep a lookout for any wires inside cables that are damaged of burnt or shortened, as these will need to be replaced immediately as well.

Now, we are gonna discuss some of the most common problems on TV along with likely solutions. Please take a look if your issue is listed here and whether the recommended solutions work.

TV Settings Are Messed Up

You can’t find the recommended settings as somehow the settings are messed up. There is an option for factory reset. Even if you don’t know how to do that. You must have a TV manual guide book which comes along with your TV set, you will find the instructions to reset your settings. If you have lost your manual then you can also find the soft copy of the book on the respective website of that particular brand.

Colors Don’t Pop

For this problem, you have to increase the backlight. You will find the option in the brightness settings. Maybe you will need to change the ‘color temperature’ to something colder.increase the color setting and use the required picture mode.

Picture Flicks or Skips

To stop this problem from happening you have to disable the option motion interpolation. The option could be different in different televisions. You just need to find the right option to disable.

The Picture Looks Zoomed-In or Chopped Off

Find the option in the TV settings which deals with the aspect ratio or picture size. Press the change button to get the optimized picture. Keep pressing the button until you get the desired picture adjustment.

TV Picture is Dim and It’s Getting Dimmer

Firstly, this could be a problem with the DLP and in this case, you need to replace the lamp. If the TV is not a DLP TV, then the problem could be located in the automatic light settings. Find the settings in the owner’s manual and determine how to adjust it.

TV Channels Look Fuzzy

It is normal for TV channels to look a bit fuzzy/blurry since most of them are low-quality. But keep this problem away from happening you have to make sure that the source device is outputting at least 720p. By enabling noise removal feature and increasing the sharpness can also make your TV picture look better. 

TV Keeps Shutting Down

Make sure that your TV is not overheating. You have to keep the temperature of the TV close to the room temperature. If this is a plasma TV, try using a fan to keep it cool and see if it can make a difference.

No Picture Or Sound But Appear To Be Coming

Unplug any external component (cable or satellite box, DVD player) from the TV and plug it back in after 30 minutes. You can test it by plugging in another working device with the TV. if that also does not work, then it is recommended to change the HDMI cable that connects your device to the TV.

TV Does Not Respond To The Remote

If you think that your TV remote is not working at all then you can detect it by using a digital camera (cell phone’s camera also works fine). It is better to test it in dark. Place the end of the remote toward the camera and press a button on the remote. You should see a light-up on the camera screen. If you see the light then the problem is with the TV. Be assured that your TV is plugged into a reliable power outlet. Change the faulty outlet and see the changes.

TV Sound Is Not Coming Out

It is one of the common problems with a TV set. Firstly, make sure the audio cable(s) are properly connected to both the TV and the receiver. In your sound settings, check whether the TV is set to the output audio to your source device. Also, check the source device is outputting compatible sound. If the audio does not function well. You can try a new audio cable.

Garbled Sound

If you have tried unplugging and replugging your TV, try to unplug your cable or satellite box from the wall power outlet. Wait for at least 30 minutes and see the problem has solved. If the problem is coming from the cable or satellite box, replacing should fix the problem.

Wifi Connectivity Problem

If you have wifi on your TV, it is often seen that the wifi does not connect properly. Check your wifi settings first and connect TV to the router via Ethernet. Install the required updates and then try again. If the problem still persists, connect to the service provider for further support.

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