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Selling through social media channels is an awesome opportunity for people who are starting with small businesses and hoping to sell across the country. Picking an item and promoting it over these social channels is one part of the cycle, the significant trial of your image is the point at which the product reaches the customer. Thus, packaging your product in the right way and shipping it to your customer are two exceptionally basic steps of the chain that can make your brand image. This article will take you through packaging.

Your product must not be messed with when it reaches the client. Truly! Adjusted product is the biggest disappointment for anybody as they bring with them a lot of hard work. A customer who receives an adjusted product does not just feel frustrated with the company he likewise feels helpless as he needs to experience the whole return process and that occupies a lot of time and energy. Along these lines, your packaging game should consistently be on point.  Let’s begin with understanding the importance of packaging for any e-commerce business.

  • Branding      

With packaging playing a significant role in the e-commerce industry, you can utilize it as a tool to enhance the customer experience exponentially. As per an overview, 58% of shoppers have conceded that packaging damage would stop them from purchasing an item again from a similar retailer. You have been in the purchaser’s shoes and this is the thing that the thought must be when packing an item. A poor client experience can lead the client to surrender the brand or have a negative opinion about it. Especially, if the client is ordering the item from abroad, it is normal that the item is packaged properly. On the off chance that the packaging impresses the client, it can prompt them being the backers for your brand.

  • Safety

No one prefers a weak packaging that can’t hold up under the friction of the street or the disturbance of the air. The packaging plays a major job in the safety of the product once it is dispatched from the warehouse fulfillment center until it arrives at the clients. India being a tropical nation does not have uniform conditions all through the conveyance process. Your item bundling must be to such an extent that it can manage slight wear without affecting the item. Hence, if your primary or secondary packaging isn’t enough it can lead to packaging altering and more regrettable, item harm, which thusly will influence client experience and at last will prompt a decrease in sales.

  •    Packaging influences perception

it is mandatory that your packaging be choice to lasting first impression with the customer. On the off chance that your packaging meets the eye and stays with the customer, it can pull in the eye of numerous others too. This can make the customer give you an edge over your competitors.

  • Marketing via the customer

There is a high probability that in the event that you are as yet utilizing brown cardboard boxes to ship your products, at that point your clients will cease from sharing your product via social media sites. The report discovered that 39% of the respondents had shared an image or a video of new buys, most generally utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Along these lines, for those investing resources into luxury products, a smooth and excellent packaging is the thing that pulls in them and makes them feel extraordinary. Along these lines, you gain attention by means of informal exchange and furthermore through internet based life locales like the ones mentioned above. 


  •   Weight

The weight of the package must be kept in check as the weight of the product will describe the sort of packaging material required.

  • Size and shape

The length, breadth, and height of the product should be estimated appropriately before packaging. This will determine the size of the packaging material.

  • Product type

The kind of determines the type of packaging system that should be adjusted. Also, special requirements can be defined if any.

  • Value of shipment

On the off chance that the shipment is of high value, at that point an additional layer of assurance should be possible for the product to ensure complete safety.


External Packaging involves packets and flyer bags. Packages include ridged boxes, Double or triple walled boxes. These are utilized to pack substantial things, for example, electronic machines, leafy foods delicate things like glass bottles, jars and so forth. A Flyer bag can be utilized to store little things like boxes, cosmetics products and so forth. They can help products up to 4kg in weight.

Internal packaging materials include bubble wrap, airbags, cardboard, and foam. These have different capacities like padding, void filling, safety. When packing fragile/extraordinary products, it is an unquestionable requirement that these items be utilized in abundant amount alongside the right internal packaging to keep away from any tampering.

Knowledge of  packaging  your product

  • This step includes a proper study of your product. The height and weight alongside the idea of the product and choose the most reasonable packaging for the same. If your item has an alternate structure like liquid or powders and requires exceptional packaging at that point organize the equivalent. Experience packaging guidelines by your picked messenger accomplice and pack the shipment in like manner.
  • Choose properly lined boxes/bags as the essential packaging and whenever required utilize a thick secondary packaging also. Place the thing at a distance of 6cm from all the wall of the compartment. Include fillers any whenever required.
  • Seal the package completely from all ends. Ensure you utilize pressure touchy and water resistance tapes with a width. The edges must be fixed securely and the package will be firm from all ends. On the off chance that you are utilizing more than one layer, ensure there is a tight seal on all layers of the package. Continuously use H-tape technique for sealing your package.
  • These labels are the package’s identity and every one of the subtleties referenced on them must be true. Attach the shipping label to the top surface of the package and ensure it even and easily readable.

A little eye for detail to packaging and shipment can enable you to go far! Ensure you give extraordinary attention to these and pack accordingly.

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