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Posted by cyber success on August 30th, 2019

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If you have an application built on the Angular JS framework, it is highly likely that you would be looking to migrate it to the latest version of Angular, Angular 6. This is the challenge many organizations are facing today. The expertise to shift Angular 1 to Angular 6 is with limited few people, and that’s where the opportunity for you lies!

If you know how to migrate an Angular 1 application to Angular 6 properly, it gives you a great advantage over other candidates. It becomes a shining point in your resume, and can actually fetch you your dream job and some great projects.

Why are we talking so very much about the skill to migrate Angular 1 to Angular 6? Well, let’s dive a bit deeper into it, and try to understand.

Importance of migration to Angular 6

Technology, as you know it, is a highly dynamic field. It keeps evolving and changing very frequently, with advancements and new introductions almost every few months. Angular is no different. Given this ever-evolving and dynamic nature of the framework, if you do not keep up with the latest advancements, you are wiped out! As simple as it is, this is one main reason that organizations today want to migrate their applications built on older technologies like angular 1, to the latest of the breed, Angular 6.

Moreover, the new version of the framework brings with a host of new features and functionalities, allowing the companies to better serve their clients and customers.

Therefore, for the companies having applications running on the outdated angular 1, migrating to angular 6 is an extremely important step. To tackle this challenge, companies are always on a look for candidates with superior skills in Angularjs developed, and with knowledge of shifting an application from Angular 1 to Angular 6.


How to learn the critical skill?


Having understood the importance of knowing about angular migration to the latest version, it’s time to learn how and where you can learn the critical skill.


  • Join an AngularJS course in Pune


The first step towards learning angular JS migration is to join AngularJS classes in Pune. This will help you immensely if you are new to the framework, or want to brush up the basics once again. However, make sure that you join an AngularJS training institute in Pune that does teach angular migration from one version to the other, as part of its curriculum.



  • Implement a live project


Working on a live angular project based on angular migration is one of the best ways to learn it. In fact, in recent years, working on live projects has become a requirement for technical certifications. No amount of theoretical learning and not even the best AngularJS training in Pune can be good enough if you do not have a hands-on experience on a live project. Therefore, learn angular js migration from version 1 to version 6, by implementing a live project.



  • Practice for Perfection


Finally, make sure that you do enough hands-on practice on the migration of angular js, that you acquire a certain level of expertise over it. Continuous practice will help you stay updated, and drive you towards perfection at the skill. In the times of cutthroat competition, perfection is what companies are looking for. So why not enshrine it – perfection in yourself.





  1. Learn Angular JS migration. It is an extremely important and in-demand skill to have in the present context.
  2. To learn angular js migration and other superior IT skills, join Angularjs classes in Pune with placement.


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