Choose Right Type of Contact Lenses and Give an Attractive Look to Your Eyes

Posted by O-Lens on August 31st, 2019

In earlier, time people use to wear specs instead of contact lenses, but now several options are available in the market. In the new era, many choices are offered for contact wearers, which are very amazing but not puzzling. In the bazaar, you find various Eyes Contact Lenses but which is suitable to your eye is depends on your lifestyle and your optometrist can help you in the same. Also, buy according to your personal situation. There are 2 types of lenses i.e. Hard and Soft contact lenses.

Hard contact lenses:  It is a safer lens for your eyes as it is made since 1970. Now mostly used lens is rigid, gas-permeable glass.

They are holding shape, yet allow the free flow of oxygen through the lens to the cornea. Short lenses can be the great choice when the cornea has large astigmatism that is soft but will not provide sharp vision. It may be also recommended when an individual has allergies or seem that protein collects on the contacts.

Soft contact Lenses: Many people use these lenses. They feel so relaxed and get in various types, according to the personality. These are stored in an enhanced place and can be adjusted easily than the hard contact lens. The flexible plastic joint with water allows oxygen to go by the contact lens to the cornea. This high level of comfort makes eye healthy. Soft contact lenses may improve nearsightedness, farsightedness, blurred vision, and age-related loss of vision.

These lenses have some disadvantage i.e. they can infect your eyes, not long-lasting than gas permeable contact, may be expensive than the hard contact lens and also need more normal replacements.

You also have an option of choosing eye lens:

Daily-wear lens – This lens can get at an affordable price. You have to remove it in nights and changed regularly.

Extended-wear lens – You can wear these lenses at night but you have to remove for cleaning and save from the infection. Most of the optometrist suggests less use of it because extended wear lens can cause cornea infection if you carry it all overnight.

Disposable-wear lens - They are so expensive but appropriate for you. You should take out at night and carry on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Optometrists are mostly suggesting Disposable-wear lenses for those who tend to form securities on their lenses.

Colored contact lens – If you want to transform your eye color and look then choose this lens. People able to get only when they have doctor instruction. Can wear after an eye test and fit by the experienced optometrist. Most of the time colored contacts includes circle lenses; it is illegal and can affect your eye health.

They influence you badly as to cause eye injury, infection and you can lose vision. Like another lens, colored lenses must be fit by the appropriate physician.

Bifocal or multifocal contact lenses - They can available in both the soft and RPG variation. It may proper nearsightedness, farsightedness.

If you are looking for the lenses which make your eye beautiful then Buy Colored Contact Lenses in India as it is safe and you must do some care of it for making it long-lasting. You can purchase it from the showroom and there are various types of colored lenses and get at a reasonable price. Select the right one which suitable to your personality.

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