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Posted by Anand on August 31st, 2019

The world is changing at a very fast pace and the need of the hour for students is to excel in all of their subjects. Such a task becomes very difficult when one has a lot of subjects to read as naturally one cannot be expected to ace them all. However, one cannot also deny the harsh reality and must prepare oneself according to the times. The current class 12th Boards pattern is such that there is an added burden on the students to perform their best and their marks decide their future courses in life. In such a scenario, one often resorts to cheap methods to study and negates the prospects of garnering knowledge. Such a method even though at times leads to good results but makes the person hollow and devoid of knowledge. Extramarks is a platform that desires to change this scenario and has radically transformed the manner in which education is conducted. Extramarks is an interactive platform where students can critically engage with their course material and study in such a manner that they not just score high marks but also move away from the system of rot learning. If you are facing problems with NCERT Economics Class 12th then now is the time you can heave a sigh of relief. Extramarks has an entire section dedicated to Class 12th Economics where they have covered all major areas of contention. The sections include topics like Money and Banking, Open Economy Macroeconomics, Income Determination, Indian Economy On The Eve Of Independence, Rural Development and some more of a similar sort. The benefit of learning with Extramarks is that you can be assured of the content that you are receiving and can rely on the knowledge. The most thrilling part of all is that it won’t be presented to you in a drab manner but rather will be laced with videos to rivet the point home. Extramarks will make sure that you ace the subject by their three-tier learning procedure. Through a process of Learn, Practice, and Test, it will ensure that you understand the topics deeply and have a thorough understanding of the same. You can study the topics any number of times you want and can also track your progress by taking the various quizzes available on the platform that is specially designed so you can check your retention skills. Get going and start learning with Extramarks.

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