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Education and fun both are parts of learning. High school children learn much better if they get to study along with the fun facts. And science is the subject that allows them to explore the phenomenon, math, technology, etc.

These high school projects are written and tested by the specific scientists to ensure it's working and the results. These given below are the ideas about projects students can choose according to their willingness.

A change in the winds; study Bernoulli's principle

If you ever wonder how airplane moves and what is the significance of airfoils in the back of racing cars, so this is only the effect of Bernoulli and also known as Bernoulli's s effect. This theory explains the relationship between the pressure exerted by fluid and velocity.

With the use of the Bernoulli principle by blowing the air in between two objects you can make those objects come together. First, in these projects you need to observe the Bernoulli principle, you will see the changes when the air is blown between the two objects, this is happening when you create pressure in the air.

In this science fair project, you will observe how the forces act on the air by watching the two light objects and then it's a movement towards the airflow. Once you will change the distance and speed both effects work with the Barnaul theory.

A cure for the hooks and slices; the significance of asymmetrical pattern in the golf ball 

If you are a real science student then you must have a good relationship with why, and how. Both statements show how eager we are to know the fact and here is the science that has all the answers but only needs your question.

If you ever wondered about the significance of dimples on the golf ball, then you should have an idea that the dimple determines the airflow in the ball while it's flying. Here the slice and hook phenomenon is explained as when the ball is hit due to the clockwise spin the ball turned to veer right called as a slice, and on the contrary, its anticlockwise spin called as a hook. 

With the help of this project, students will get to know whether it is possible to decrease the hook and slice of the ball. 

Effect of the earth tilt,  and how the season changes or why? 

Well, you must be known to the fact that every season brings something new, you must be wondering why and how this shift happens. It's good to be clear very early that this is not happening because of the distance between the sun and earth. This science fair project will let you investigate about the fact behind this phenomenon. 

The temperature of the earth depends upon the movement of the earth on its axis. 

Game of genetics in the prescription of drugs 

Most of the people get bad reactions from the prescribed drugs even they are pharmaceutically examined. Why does this happen? Well, the answer is simple; a person genetic is responsible for all the responses towards the drugs. This project needs full theoretical knowledge about the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the drugs. As per the scientific study, millions of the nucleotides of DNA made our genes, with the genetic codes, even a small mutation in the single nucleotide may change the response of a person for a particular drug. While the pharmaceutical companies perform the drug test, they used single nucleotide polymorphism, kind of genetic screening. Once the abnormal response with the single SNPs or multiple SNPs. in this project, you will get a chance to investigate these abnormal responses of the drugs on the human body. 

You need to study the whole structure of DNA, it might be more interesting with the fun facts because the structure of DNA brings you lots of knowledge and you will be able to understand how a small mutation can respond badly. 

Animal magnetism; Do regeneration in planaria is affected by the magnetic animal.

Planaria is a flatworm and lives in the freshwater, comes under the class of Platyhelminthes, these organisms have 3layers of skin. Ectoderm, Mesoderm, and endoderm, without the body cavity. They possess the ability to regenerate. This procedure is done by dissecting the planaria to understand the procedure. This project will help you to understand whether the magnetic field affects the regeneration system in planaria. 

Is there any difference between the expensive and less expensive golf balls

If you want to be a successful golfer you need to understand the small but important facts about the golf balls. If you want to make your every strike possible, you need to make the balance between the distance and accuracy. In the Greenfield, you need to understand which the right club for you is so that you can, but the ball where you want to be. There are differences between the golf balls, some of the two- pieces balls come with the outer covering and inner ball, others come with the three-pieces with two different internal layers coverings. Both the balls vary in thickness. 

Even they also vary in its pattern of dimples, shape, thickness, these all factors are responsible for the aerodynamic. With the help of this experiment, you will understand which golf ball is good for you and why. 

Summary - science projects help the students, to investigate what they are studying. All experiments require prior, research about the phenomenon so that they can perform step by step. Results may fluctuate; it depends upon the instructions taken by the students. Every experiment has its terms and condition based on that they work. These experiments are pre- performed and tested by the scientist to ensure the results. 

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