Avoid These Ux Blunders While Designing Mobile Applications

Posted by AdWeb Studio on August 31st, 2019

The digital market is a highly competitive platform in which we don't have a chance to commit any mistake regarding the formation of digital products. Sometimes, mobile applications don't get public attention like websites as they don't highest rank on the search engines. There can be various reasons behind the lower progress of mobile apps. But according to the research, low-quality User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design of mobile apps are one of the primary causes of fewer downloads and installations of mobile apps. Even one of the studies reveals that around 88 percent of the consumers do not respond to mobile apps due to inadequate user experience.

There is a comprehensive scope of mobile app development in Dubai and the UAE. Every developer of Mobile App Development Dubai tries level best in creating latest and charming mobile apps for their customers. They carefully design each feature of applications. They try to implement each step in the app making method that can provide long-lasting results. Mobile app development and designing of app features according to the demands of the client is not an easy task.

This article will help you to avoid the following UX flaws so that none of any mobile application can ever encounter any rejection in the future.

This article will highlight the information regarding user experience and why is it considered to be one of the most compelling weapons for producing tremendous traffic to any mobile application.

A Concise Brief Intro to User Experience (UX):

The name of UX gives us some idea about its introduction. UX stands for User Experience. UX is an artful tool that benefits to heighten the experience of the end-users when they use mobile applications. It boosts the satisfaction level of mobile app consumers. UX has made the process of navigation and accessibility of mobile apps more convenient than ever before.

Why UX Crucial for Mobile App Success?

Mobile app owners can build long term relationships with consumers and clients by using the UX tool in mobile app development. It helps mobile apps in promoting brand awareness. Mostly, the clients manage to recognize your products or services through delightful UX layouts. It enables your mobile app, products, or services to compete with the competitors efficiently.

As such UX is not only about offering aesthetic visual app designs, it is about testing and verifying the progress of mobile apps. Every UX developer of mobile applications can check the functionality of apps and the degree of its acceptance. You have to conduct out-and-out research to get innovative ideas before initiating the process of mobile apps. Therefore, UX performs a leading role in promoting App Development Company Dubai.

Avoiding Pitfalls:

Common UX errors are the main hindrance for mobile applications that can't uplift them in the list of successful apps. Hence, we must avoid the following pitfalls of UX.

UX and UI are Similar Sides of Coin:

Mobile app developers manage to get trouble thinking, that both user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are the similar sides of the coin. However, it is just a delusion and nothing else. The user interface (UI) organizes the interaction and communication among the user and the device by the page of the mobile app that the users see. Even the icons of the mobile app perform to generate the interaction process.

UX is relevant to the personal experience of the users when they use mobile apps. Thus, we can't combine UI with UX.

Nowadays, app developers often use UI in the broad sense that covers:

  • Interactive app layout.
  • Visually engaging design.
  • Easy to read the content.
  • Eye-catching app icon.

Overstuffing and Overcrowding the App with Features:

It is a misconception that the addition of numerous features produce massive traffic to the mobile app and also intensify the experience of the users. The app developers should always remember that mobile app development is only for clients, not for them. They must get suggestions with their team members regarding enchanting app making. They have to discuss what features are essential to include in the app for immense popularity and acceptance.

The app with extra features leads to the users into the zone of uncertainty and creates confusion in their minds. You should understand what the app is all about, what products or services it will deal with and then continue further.

Not Prioritizing on Feedback:

Constant feedback from the end-users at regular intervals gives strength to UX designers and app developers. You have to ask your app consumer to rate the app or its progress this will provide you a chance for further improvements, and it generates more traffic. You should answer your client regarding the functionality matters of the application. If you ignore the feedback regarding apps, then your mobile app will fall flat.

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