Benefits & Purposes of Aventurine

Posted by Beadsvenue on August 31st, 2019

Green Aventurine is a beautiful gemstone which is also known as a stone of opportunity. Mostly green in color, Aventurine also comes in red to reddish-brown, blue, orange, peach and even dusty purple. Aventurine is known as Adventurine, Indian Jade, Avanturine and Aventurine Quartz. Wholesale beads sellers sell this wonderful gemstone at attractive prices.

Get Rid of Old Patterns or Bad Habits
It is used for metaphysical properties as this gemstone is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the wearer. In-fact, Green Aventurine is called the stone of opportunity for the same reason. The wearer can manifest wealth and prosperity and enhancing favor in competitions or games that involve uncertainties. It might interest you that this beautiful gemstone not only attracts luck, but also helps the wearer get rid of old patterns or habits. It also promotes optimism and enthusiasm in life by removing pessimism and negative thoughts.

Positive Change in Life
Out of many other gemstones for sale, Aventurine is quite popular across the world as it helps you leave the negative experiences that are holding you back. Wholesale beads sellers recommend wearing Aventurine if you want to move forward in life and embrace change. Wearing Aventurine can help you with improved decisiveness, creativity and much needed motivation to succeed in life.

Soothes the Mind & Soul of the Owner
Green Aventurine is believed to have a strong connection with Earth which helps the owner have a good understanding of the nature. It is one of the most sold gemstones in Australia, because it soothes the mind and soul of the wearer. This wonderful gemstone also works as a love charm. Most of us don’t know that Green Aventurine is also used in meditation process because it brings the powerful energy of the Earth.

Wear Blue Aventurine to Increase Vitality
According to wholesale beads sellers, Blue Aventurine helps open the third chakra and balance it. Besides, it also helps increase psychic abilities. By wearing this gemstone, the wearer gets an optimistic outlook and increased vitality. If you are someone who badly needs self-discipline in life, this is the gemstone to go for.

Peach Aventurine to Boost Creativity
Peach Aventurine is one of those gemstones in Australia which is worn to improve decisiveness. If you want to succeed as a business owner who has to take crucial business decisions, you should certainly wear this gemstone. It is connected with the Basal Chakra and that’s why helps boost creativity. It also treats problems pertaining to lungs, heart and adrenal glands.
If you need more information about Aventurine or other gemstones in Australia, feel free to get in touch with us.

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