Kitchen Island Designs Add Glamour

Posted by Manvir Singh on August 31st, 2019

Have you ever dreamt of owning a kitchen that is so unlike what you have seen until now? Do you want to realise your dream? Have you ever thought of incorporating a kitchen island? Yes, for all those drama that you ever wanted to impart to the appeal of your kitchen apart from the cooking, of course, you can add a central independent multi-utility unit capable of standing tall and bold on the simple or textured floor. Beat the mundane and mainstream kitchen ideas and show-off the latent chef in you, who yearns to have an audience around. If the space constraint is worrying you, get your kitchen island custom-made to suit your kitchen size. Islands are all about extensions that double up as tables, geometric patterns that are so futuristic, shelves that are revealing and multi-coloured cut-throughs. These can be clubbed with lighting that gives a mesmeric effect. Imagine being surrounded by an island of appliances, kitchen accessories and good aroma of food. Who would want to stay hungry after witnessing the grandeur of modular kitchen island!

Focus on the perks and lay them straight

The layout of a contemporary kitchen is designed by fixing the positioning of the countertop, storage cabinets and appliances. According to the available space and size, a kitchen island can be made part of various layouts in order to enhance the storage capacity of the kitchen and increase the counter area.

To be precise island used in the kitchen is actually a freestanding unit of cabinetry, which supplements the already existing counter area. Interior designer is focusing more on the kitchen island and best utilizing it by fixing the cooking surface and sinks to it.

The standard size of a normal island is seen to be 3 x 6.5 ft. This island would have a surrounding are measuring 40 inches. However, the size of an island that can be used in a modern kitchen is ascertained as per the surrounding area available. Larger spaces can accommodate larger modular kitchen island. However, in a bid to utilize all the free space do not get carried away to incorporate extremely large island else there will crop a sense of cramping. Leave enough surrounding space. Follow the standard rule and aptly fix the island in your contemporary kitchen.

Islands can be easily added to the already done up kitchen space. It can very well gel with the different coloured cabinets and distinct textured countertops. Matching these is not a mandate though can be done depending on the personal taste as matching brings in harmony in the kitchen and gives a feeling of balanced visuals.  In case you don’t’ want to match or cannot match islands with cabinets and countertops; do not worry. A dissimilar countertop becomes the centre of attraction and focus perfectly complementing the peripherals. This fact enables one to add Kitchen Island at any point in time not necessarily only during the start of the interior decoration of the kitchen.

Modern Twists and Turns

With the advent of the concept of having a modular kitchen island many people who wanted to give a makeover to their kitchen without damaging the structure are able to effortlessly do so. In some cases, where the houses have been designed by the in-laws but are used by their son and daughter-in-law and lack the room for additional fancy things, island kitchen comes as a blessing. The extra amenities like a small wine fridge that the couple always wished to add to their kitchen can be fulfilled with the help of the island. Under the island, space can be reserved for the desired fridge.

There are many ideas that can be played around to make the island further majestic and cast magic. Some of them are listed below:

  • The countertop of a kitchen island can be elevated up from the stagnant base units with the help of stripe used for shelving
  • Make use of cantilevered eating table annexe on the island that slashes through the air akin to any knife’s edge.
  • Add stout building small blocks to the modules of kitchen island that give a unique piece together.
  • Structural columns can be added to the island
  • Seductive twists and curves can also be imparted to the island
  • Lace the island with bar stools
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