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Deploy an Inventory Software with automated features to raise overall business p

Posted by SoftwareGyani on August 31st, 2019

They had narrowed opportunities limited to serving local customers only. They do not take the leverage of sustaining a warehouse or godown on their own. However, with the advent of digital technology, the warehouse and maintaining inventory is becoming relevant among businesses irrespective of size. Businesses of all sizes try to keep up with the ongoing demands to increase productivity. 

In the age in which inventory software has overtaken traditional management methods, retailers and distributors working with manual methods are constantly struggling hard to improve their overall processing to meet the speeding demands of customers. Proper implementation of the warehouse management system at your warehouse is pre-requisite for business growth.

Inventory management is the ongoing process of managing in and outflow of inventory. It includes tasks like placing new orders for products, re-ordering products, keeping an eye on breakage and expiry products, manage the dump & stuck stock and many more. Business owners must have a firm grasp of even the smallest thing involved with the inventory management to make quick and timely decisions for better planning, a seemingly impossible task. In a practical situation, when you are using manual methods you may lose out on some important facts and figures. To ensure 100% accuracy a software for inventory management can be a life saviour. It helps you resolve the upcoming challenges well in time. Any inefficiencies in the inventory management will directly lead to impact business’s profits and growth. 

Challenges of Inventory Management

Tracking inventory is an integral part of doing business by which the companies maintain appropriate stock levels with all required products. It is important to achieve a healthy balance between overstocks and stockouts when the products are on the shelves. You need to serve your customers and fulfill their demands. Supply and demand often change with season and product’s lifecycle. It is a challenge to keep a track of the inventory with numerous units of measurement and applicable tax slabs in various countries. If you are dealing worldwide, you need a solution that could support you in handling taxes while dealings overseas. 


Looking at the mushrooming competition in the markets, companies often switch to inventory management software with integrated accounting features to resolve the challenges. Today, the business owner looks for the software that can help them track their inventory, vendors, suppliers, orders, accounts, finances and more. 

Startups frequently record their data on excel spreadsheets because it is free and easily accessible. But looking at the bigger picture, with the growth of the business Excel may not be sufficient to handle the overall business proceedings.

Special features of Inventory Management Software

  • Data analysis & reports management

  • Proper inventory management

  • Dump and near expiry stock alerts

  • Re-order reminders

  • Automatic order placing

  • Supplier-wise best deals

  • Cross-checking transaction

  • Barcode scanner

  • Data security

  • GST return filling

  • Data import/ export

  • Automatic purchase entry

  • Easy & fast billing

A better solution for inventory management is to find software that is affordable and robust enough to handle your business needs to stay with you for many years. It is not easy to switch your software again and again when you are into the business. It should be compatible with your business and user-friendly to be accessed by your staff. It should be flexible and customizable to fit into the increasing complexities of your business year after year.

Software for inventory management helps you oversee multiple locations, automatically reorder products whenever your inventory reaches the minimum level, print and scan barcodes so that you can track your products anytime, track your deliveries, supports multiple modes of payment to create ease in transactions, check your finances and keep your transactions in place.  

A Single System for Multiple Locations

If you are planning to grow your business and spread it to multiple warehouses that are far away. Warehouse management software will provide you with better control over all your warehouses, you can keep a close eye on the daily operations and plan your strategies accordingly. You can keep a check on the inventory levels and stay updated. 


With an advanced system installed at your place, you can speed up your inventory management processes by using barcode scanners, managing your transactions, and raising the staff productivity levels. Eliminate the errors in data entry by automatic data import from other software. 

Summing it Up!

Inventory Software helps you speed up the process of tracking products as they enter till they leave your warehouse. The various issues in inventory management can be resolved by using software for inventory management. Having software installed at your warehouse is definitely going to boost the productivity of your business.

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