Garden Landscaping Ideas

Posted by sharif on August 31st, 2019

Garden Landscaping Ideas

In most places, gardens can be incorporated in lawns. As usual, the gardener finds an open patch of space and grows the garden foliage there. However, a garden could be placed anywhere, aside from a loan.

Take for example a small, unused backyard swimming pool. A great garden landscaping idea would be to convert it into a sunken patio surrounded by vegetation.

It would be a good idea to create levels in the design. In small areas, this is quite useful because it give the illusion of more space. The pool's steps could be used to as a guide to determine the level. In our example, the floor level of the patio can be set at the second step. The steps themselves can be covered with flagstone so they would have a more natural feel.

For this garden landscaping idea, the floor could be made out of red bricks. The walls of the pool starting at the first step could be lined up with vertical flagstones that act as barriers to hold the garden soil in.

Flagstones can also be placed at selected areas at the lip of the pool, particularly the corner. When the mortar holding the stones is dry, the inside can then be filled up with garden soil for the plants.

Finally, to cap off this unusual garden landscaping idea would be to install an outdoor fireplace in one side of the converted pool. Fireplaces are great if the person wants to relax outside for a night picnic.

Another creative garden landscaping idea is to make a place that is attractive to birds. The view of visiting birds hovering above a garden lets viewers enjoy a wonderful sight.

Since many species of birds love fruits, planting fruit trees will surely draw birds in the area. Also, many fruits give off pleasant scents that will make the air fresh and fragrant.

A gardener can also install a birdbath in the garden. Birdbaths look like decorative basins on a pedestal in the middle of a garden. Birdbaths provide birds with water to drink. It is important to replace the water quite often to make sure that it is safe for the creatures to drink.

A nice touch would be to put bird swings on trees and other structures. It allows birds to perch and rest. It's very simple to construct. Just tie two long pieces of strings at each end of a twig or stick. Then tie the other ends on the branches of trees or protruding parts of structures in the garden.

These are just two unique garden landscaping ideas. A lot more could be found on the internet or garden magazines. With a touch of creativity, a person could transform an otherwise typical or unused place into a stunning garden.

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