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DFY Lead Pages by Ankur Shukla

Posted by huynh995 on August 31st, 2019


Yes - an Email List - it’s the most valuable asset for any marketer.

But to do that, you need to have…

#1 -  a Lead Capture Page

#2 - a Lead Magnet to give away as a GIFT

#3 - a series of Emails to promote offers.

All the above is what takes a lot of time, effort and money to do.

Designers, Copywriters and Programmers can charge you thousands of dollars to do this for you.

BUT - today you can get all this for less than the price of a Pizza.

Introducing DFY LEAD PAGES - Get Early Access Here.

Today you get not just one set of Lead pages, Lead Magnets and Emails but 20 of them that you can simply copy paste and start building your list.

YES - 20 Lead Capture Pages + 20 Lead Magnets + 140 Emails to send your leads and earn commissions.

All DONE FOR YOU - just upload and get going.

Ankur used THESE Exact Pages to build a list of 15,936 leads.

Then he promoted offers to them and made thousands in commissions.

This works and I cannot stress enough how importing building a list is for any internet marketer.

If you did just ONE thing - BUILD A LIST.

And all these DFY LEAD Packages are what help you get going without any hard work or any manual effort

Ever wondered how all the top marketers and affiliates make a lot of commissions?

THEY EMAIL THEIR LIST - promote offers and get paid.

That’s why building a LIST is the #1 thing you should be doing.

BUT - I know there is a lot of work involved.

You need to setup a landing page.

You need to create a Lead Magnet - a good one.

You need to create graphics for your pages.

You need to write good landing page COPY.

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