Decrypting Implementation of Gamification Technology in Biometric Attendance Sys

Posted by Cuckoo Tech on September 1st, 2019

Gamification is the term used to describe the implementation of game-like thinking in a non-game environment, such as a company or an organization. Gamification offers businesses some of the most enthralling methods that can get employees engaged with their work.

Everyone enjoys games, especially the ones we played as kids. Most of the games had a purpose - to instill ‘values’ in us. The most common childhood games include Monopoly, Football, Chess, and Uno. They introduced us to a lot of basic concepts of life in an entertaining way and not by imposing heavy lectures on us. One can broadly say, all childhood games had one thing in common- they banked upon our competitive tendency and gave us incentives that made us feel good upon accomplishing an objective.

The scientific narrative for the use of gamification in HR

‘Dopamine’ is the neurotransmitter responsible for feeling energized. It is triggered when we are rewarded. It is habit-forming and can get anyone addicted to performing better! This is the exact principle that gamification works on. With gamification, an employer could get things done enthusiastically and by self-motivated employees instead of trying hard to compel them. HR could use this strategy so that the employees feel good - just by adding some elements of surprise in their regular work and rewarding them with incentives for good performance.

How does Gamification work?

Today, replacing the age-old ‘reward and punish’ system in the workplace is a paradigm shift, and it matches the changing trends in the workforce.

Gamification is based on the application of behavior-motivating techniques that have been a part of traditional and social games to non-game environments like a workspace.  From an overall point of view, a good gamification program would look like a loyalty program that is driven towards achieving realistic business goals when such a methodology is expanded beyond the usual lines of badges, points, leader boards, etc.

Gamification makes uses of the competitive line that all humans have within them. As anyone plays a game, he is bound to get more engaged, do better for the sense of achievement, compelling the individual to go the extra mile to achieve the wider company goals, but in a fun way!

Use of Gamification in a biometric attendance system

A Biometric Attendance System is a means for data collection from the employees. It provides all the required inputs that an HR manager would require to measure the performance of the employee. But if the employees fail to input correct and timely data into the software, the whole authenticity of the employee payroll can go for a toss. Such a thing can be easily prevented if the aspect of gamification is integrated into it.

Benefits of gamification integrated in a biometric attendance system

Some of the key benefits of such a duo are:-

  • Healthier work culture.
  • Increased enthusiasm.
  • Easier means of talent recognition and nurturing.
  • Novelty, leading to higher engagement.
  • Means for self-motivation and commitment for employees.
  • Cool, calm, stress-free and healthy work environment.
  • Lower employee turnover through smoother engagement.

My Two Cents

Getting people to adhere to policies, standards and even timely attendance can be an uphill task. With Gamification, you can add a touch of thrill and competition to it, which motivates the employees to follow the policies with vigour but without compulsion. Who would say no to points for marking attendance or for updating work status, if these points can be later redeemed for some fancy goodies? Cuckoo Tech is one such vendor that provides you with the best in class biometric attendance system with in-built gamification capabilities. The Time Attendance System from CuckooTech is worth every penny invested.


CuckooTech offers you the first and the only gamified time biometric attendance system in India. With real-time data, multi-location accessibility, attendance on the cloud, shift-planning, contractor management, geo-location demands, and compliance adherence. CuckooTech is your one-stop solution to all your time attendance management needs, with the bonus of gamification.

Our world-class software and widespread network of service teams across India, promise you prompt and apt services, whether it is installation or commissioning or support. All our devices are managed over CLOUD on a special technology platform ADIS. This ensures reduced turn-around time and the negligible possibility of software failure. All our devices are patented from Korea.

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Join hands with us and let your employees get ‘Gamified!’

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