Dance attire tips for different dance styles and music genres

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Now that you have decided the dance class you want your child to enrol in Australia, you should prepare to get them the appropriate dance costume. There are different dance classes that give you freedom of choice in dance attire. However, most reputable dance studies have specific dance codes for their students. You need to check with your instructor to know the clothing requirements before attending the first class.

The right costume

The style of costume you wear to your dance class will depend on that particular dance class. However, it is important that the costumes be made of breathable, lightweight and stretchy fabrics. These will be able to provide dancers with freedom and comfort of movement.

Jazz allows for more freedom in styles and colour choices. However, the essentials of jazz consist of a leotard with tights. The costumes should also consist of jazz pants, soft leather shoes and a fitting top. In most cases, the pants are typically black. They form a fitting at the top and flared at the bottom.


The most recommended dance attire for ballet should include wrap-around ballet skirt, leotard, ballet slippers and tights. The dance attire can be short-sleeved, long-sleeved or sleeveless and comes in a wide range of colours. However, this is not standard and it can vary depending on the requirements of the dress code of the ballet class. The dancewear should fit properly and if you are wearing tights then they should be tight fitting. The best dance costumes in Australia should be comfortable but not baggy or loose.

Modern and hip-hop dance styles

Most modern styles such as hip-hop don’t have traditional styles but they do follow the basic elements of dancewear such as consisting of breathable and comfortable dance fabrics. Lyrical or modern attire is likely to include a form-fitting top, leotard, stretchy pants and footless tight. Hip hop dance students have the freedom of wearing loose and baggier fitting clothes. A lot of dance students wear a foot thong while dancers in hip hop might opt for runners. It is important to note that specific requirements for your costume may be in place depending on your dance studio. The best thing to do is to check with your coach or instructor before the class begins.

Accessories and dance bag

It is practical to carry a bag to your dance classes so that you can use it to carry your essential items in an organized and safe manner. A bag will also add an element of fun to your experience. Most dancers like to show off that they dance and that there are a lot of fun ways to dance. A bag can be embellished with different chars. You can brand it with the name and logo of your dance studio in Australia.

Your dance costume may also need different types of accessories to complement it. A dance bag will help you carry your jewellery, hair clips, travel mugs, key chains and other important items that you may need to facilitate your dance classes in Australia.

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