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Posted by Anand on September 2nd, 2019

Psychology can come as a blessing if introduced to students at an age where they are developing mentally and getting to know the world and what comes with it. It can really help a student analyse himself or herself and thus work towards mental development. Some schools introduce the subject in classes 11th and 12th. Extramarks Education is an online learning platform that provides a wide range of resources for learners for them to improve in their academic lives and advance in their classroom by better comprehending the various subjects that are a part of their curriculum. The company was founded by Atul Kulshrestha in 2007, has been serving students of all ages since then. The company has a global recognition which enhances its reliability. Different apps have been developed by Extramarks Education that serve individual purposes. Some examples would be the Kids Learning App, The Learning App, NEET Preparation App, EMILY, IIT JEE Test Prep App, CA Foundation App, etc. All these apps have been serving millions of users with quality online learning and helping them develop in their academic lives. The Learning App by Extramarks has been downloaded over six million times. The app has funds that help with CBSE as well as ICSE boards. You don't have to scavage the internet for the learning material you need because Extramarks Education makes it all available to its users, that too, in one place. Extramarks Education has helped millions of learners turn their academic lives for the better. The videos and modules presented both on the app and on Youtube by Extramarks Education help users to have an engaging learning experience. A group of professionals curates everything at Extramarks Education. These professionals are experts from different educational areas. For example, experts in the areas of design, animation, etc. are all a part of the staff at Extramarks Education. The company seeks to provide learners with the highest quality education on its website as well as on the apps developed by the firm. The applications developed by the firm act as a student's companion who helps him get better in the academic front and is always available to him/her. The apps have several characteristics, such as progress tracking that enables the app to track the advancement of a student and to provide a personalized review of the student's enhancement. This enables the student to better judge himself and to comprehend the weakness and the strengths he has. Click on the link provided for help with Psychology 12th NCERT.

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