Advantages and Disadvantages of Truck Brake Lining, Friction Brake System

Posted by FleetPro Truck Parts on September 2nd, 2019

Brakes can be referred to as a mechanical device, which can be used to slow down and stop a vehicle. The friction brake system is used in the truck because it is the frictional force that stops the truck. A vehicle can have two types of brakes, which are drum and disc. 

Advantages of disc brakes

Here we will discuss the advantages of disc brakes.


The caliper is present in the disc brakes, which are used to press the brake shoes. The disc is touched by the shoes and that slows down the vehicle.

Placement of the brake

The brake is placed in the front wheels of the vehicle. Disc brakes can be used effectively to stop the vehicle. In order to make the brakes perform at its best, FMVSS 105 is required which is considered as a standard for braking performance.

Production of heat

When a disc or drum brake is applied on the vehicle, heat is produced because of the friction forces that occur between the rotor or drum and truck brake lining. The disc brakes can dissipate the heat and work longer than the drum brakes.

Friction Brake System

Heat dissipation

Disc brakes have the feature of dissipating heat and this happens because the brake is exposed directly to the open air. This lets the flow of heat and the temperature does not rise.

Water fading does not occur easily

 Water dies not stuck between the brake and discs. If the water accumulates, it reduces the power of brakes and reduces and the vehicle takes more time than the normal to stop. The accumulation of water starts between the shoes and the disk which results in water fade.

Removal of dust particles

The brakes remove all the dust particles when it is applied and this process occurs automatically. The brake lining also generates some fine particles and these are also easily removed.


In spite of having so many advantages, there are some disadvantages, which are as follows.

Noise production

A large rotor is used which causes noise when the brakes are applied. The noise is caused because the shoes become hard.

Parking brake

When the brake pads are unable to retain their position after the brakes are applied, it leads to inefficiency of the brakes.

People can bring their trucks to the Fleetpro Company who will repair all the problems related to the brakes and the truck will run fine. If there is a need to replace any component, the company can do it with ease ads it has all the components available in the stock. The company deals with most of the trucks manufactured by any manufacturer.

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