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Is chocolate really bad for your teeth?

Posted by keisey123 on September 2nd, 2019

Around Valentine’s Day, Easter, and other holidays, most of us end up consuming more chocolate than we would on a normal basis and asking ourself, “is chocolate bad for your teeth?“
Whether you love dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or any variety of this endorphin releasing, feel good treat, you may be surprised at the amount of positive data there is out there about how consuming chocolate affects the body and how it can have positive effects on your oral health.

If you are wondering whether chocolate is bad for your teeth, or if consuming too much of it may exacerbate any existing dental conditions that you may have, such as weakened enamel or cavities, then you’ve come to the right place. While there are some negatives associated with inordinate amounts of chocolate consumption, you would be surprised at just how many positives there are when it comes to occasionally eating a moderate amount of chocolate.

Dark chocolate is by far the better choice when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy and cavity free. There are some studies that even suggest that dark chocolate can be a cavity fighter. Chocolate is made up of over 300 compounds and is a highly complex substance.
Dark chocolate contains polyphenols. These chemicals can help fight the overgrowth of bacteria and other organisms in the mouth. They can neutralize organisms that cause bad breath and they can prevent some sugars form turning into acid, which can break down the enamel of your teeth and cause tooth decay and cavities.
Dark chocolate contains flavonoids. Flavonoids have been shown to slow tooth decay.
Dark chocolate contains antioxidants. Antioxidants are beneficial to overall health in many ways but when it comes to oral health, having higher levels of antioxidants in your saliva has been shown to help fight gum disease.
Dark chocolate, otherwise known as “real chocolate”, is made up of around 70% cocoa and only 30% powdered milk and sugar. This drastically reduces the detrimental effect that it could have on tooth enamel when compared to milk chocolate.
That said, some chocolate is good for your teeth, but some chocolate with a high sugar content can also be bad for your health.

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