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Posted by Dave Smith on September 2nd, 2019

Lufthansa is one of the exclusive airlines based in Germany and one of the biggest airlines in the world. With hub airports at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and Munich Airport (MUC), Lufthansa links more than 300 destinations in over 100 countries every year. This airline is one of the largest in Europe in terms of passengers carried by them. They are dedicated to serving travelers with almost 220 destinations to choose from. It flies brand new, custom-designed aircraft on all routes. Also, it offers astounding guest hospitality with over 600 hours of in-flight entertainment and competitive fares. People who are in need or with reduced mobility get special services from Lufthansa. Get ready for the signature experience and safe journey through Lufthansa Reservations. Avail exciting offers and deals on your booking.

Know about the special services offered by Lufthansa:


Lufthansa truly provides kindly hospitality for passengers with reduced mobility or other special needs. Cooperation for accessible air travel is provided during the preparation, onboard the flight and at your destination. Wheelchairs for passengers with special needs are available at no charge and services for blind, deaf. For impaired passengers include individual safety briefings, guide dogs and assistance from staff when boarding or with luggage. All aircraft have accessibility on-board toilets.

What is there for passengers with sensory impairments?

Lufthansa provides fliers with hearing or visual impairments or with cognitive disabilities special services before, during and after the flight. To ensure the best possible preparation, let the staff of Lufthansa know about your care and support needs when you book Lufthansa Airlines Reservations.

What does Lufthansa suggest for passengers with visual impairments?

As a visually impaired flier, you do not need to have an assessment of your fitness for air travel. They offer visually impaired fliers the following assistance:

  • Unrelated  briefing in the event of delays and other important travel announcements
  • Separate, individual safety briefings
  • Explanations of the arrangement of food on the meal tray
  • The staff will also be happy to help you at your destination or if you need to change flights. They will escort you to the airport exit or look after you until your connecting flight. With ample of services and opportunities book your journey now through Lufthansa Reservations.

What is there for passengers with hearing impairments?

Lufthansa offers the following assistance to hearing-impaired passengers:

  • Unrelated briefing in the event of delays and other important travel announcements
  • Separate, individual safety briefings
  • Films with German and English subtitles
  • The staff of Lufthansa will also be happy to help you at your destination or if you need to change flights. A safe journey for you waits through Lufthansa Airlines Reservations, book now and gets great offers.

What does Lufthansa suggest for passengers with a cognitive impairment?

In principle, Lufthansa carries fliers with cognitive impairment. However, it is important to note the following points:

  • The flights through international airports are often long and passengers may have a problem finding their way around and communicating. Security, customs and police checkpoints may cause stress and anxiety.
  • It is absolutely imperative that the passenger is able to follow the crew’s safety instructions during the flight, in the event of turbulence.
  • The coping abilities of a person with a cognitive impairment should not be overestimated. In the case of specific impairments which lead to confusion or disorientation (e.g. Alzheimer’s). There is a risk that the person will not pay attention to the safety instructions issued by the flight attendants.

What is there for Passengers Using Wheelchairs?

The passengers flying through Lufthansa Reservations who require a wheelchair before, during and after the flight. Check out the services in the following.

Services at the airport

In all cases where assistance is required, they will take the passenger to and from the aircraft and provide assistance with catching connecting flights.

You must aware of following rules for the carriage of wheelchairs:

  • Lufthansa will provide you with a wheelchair with no charge. Equally, if you want to take your own foldable wheelchair with you, there are no charges in transportation. Your wheelchair will be carried in the hold.
  • If you will need a wheelchair at your departure and/or destination airport, please make sure you inform the staff of this either at the time of or after booking. Make your journey happier and enjoy all benefits through Lufthansa Airlines Reservations.

Onboard services

During the flight, the flight attendants will assist fliers with reduced mobility as much as they can. Please note, however, that flight attendants cannot carry or lift passengers. In addition, the aisle on an aircraft is usually narrower than on other means of transport.

Once onboard, the cabin crew will be waiting to assist you:

  • They will support you during boarding and disembarking
  • They will help you to stow your carry-on baggage
  • They will assist you in getting to and from the toilet

Lufthansa believed to be one of the trusted Airlines, providing supreme services to its passengers. For all your journeys make sure you travel with the best. For your safe and happy journey, book now through Lufthansa Reservations. Get surprising offers and deals on your booking.

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