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Send SMS from Salesforce to Unlock Various Other Benefits

Posted by deepakkushwaha on September 2nd, 2019

Salesforce CRM never leaves an opportunity to make its customers happier than before. It always tries to be a step ahead and to make every possible effort to take its customers’ business to the next level. It is never easy to create milestones, it can be done only when you are determined enough to make a difference and walk in a different direction from the rest of the crowd. A hearty CRM framework like Salesforce is definitely among those CRM platforms which are always up with the latest trends in the market to provide its users with the best ever results in a lesser period of time. As we are very well aware of the fact that text messages have been replacing emails in the personal as well as professional lives of people. So, you can now also send SMS from Salesforce with a much easy and convenient method.

Releasing its new updates, Salesforce CRM now allows users to send text messages from their respective Salesforce account itself without switching over between the other third-party apps (which they may have been previously using) and the Salesforce CRM too. Yes, it is now possible, which means you have now been provided with a lot of options on the AppExchange which would allow you to send single/bulk SMS to the people saving a lot of your time and money. Continue reading the blog if you wish to get more useful insights on the same matter.

Also, it has been said that this amazing functionality is cheaper and far better than that of the default functionality of Salesforce. Among the various SMS apps available on the AppExchange, people can choose the best very easily keeping their business needs and interests in mind. You can also go for suggestions from the experts in the same field because they have much relevant knowledge and experience for the same. The blog provides informational insights on how to send SMS from Salesforce in order to save your time and money simultaneously.

On a concluding note, it can also be said that sending text messages from Salesforce is now as easy as ABC if you are well aware of its basic usage and functionality. Using your Salesforce CRM for carrying out basic tasks like these does not takes much of your time and energy but only when if you are versed in them. Looking for the best texting app for Salesforce? We have got you covered. 360 SMS App, natively built on Salesforce allows you to send single, bulk SMS/MMS to your customers, prospects and even business partners. Connect with our SMS experts today and get started with the best texting app on the AppExchange and work like a pro like never before.

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