Why Digital Fabric Printing is the Best

Posted by Linda Hudson on September 2nd, 2019

The fashion industry is ever-changing daily to meet different customer requirements. With new patterns and custom fabric printing, this makes some of the traditional methods redundant. To stay competitive and relevant to the fashion trends, you have to seek better, easy, faster, and cheaper methods. With the new custom digital fabric printing, It may be difficult to do away with the costly traditional machinery. You are faced with problems like, figuring what to do with the qualified operators and other employees down the production line who also become redundant. With new technology, you get to produce quality custom fabric for any destination at any given time. It becomes easy for you to grow your brand while earning lucrative sums of money. In this post, we share why digital printing is the best.

Print on Demand

The traditional forms of printing, like screen printing, requires a lengthy process. They require setting up the design, matching paints, labor, and there are a lot of breakages too. With digital printing, the setup time is very short, and only a few individuals are required to operate the equipment. You can easily halt the production of one order and process another within a short time frame.

It costs way less

The other forms of printing, like dyeing and screen printing, require expensive setups and workforce. Digital printing has low startup costs and running expenses good for business. The machinery is user-friendly; it is easy to train anyone on how to operate successfully. It also helps you cut down on the heavy electricity bills, printing material, and reduce the number of employees on your payroll.

High-Quality Prints

Other printing methods do not produce the best quality results; there are some loose ends on the finished product. With digital printing, you get undoubted quality results. The accuracy is just as good as the design itself.

Closing up

To make the best fabric for any market like for garments or other household linen like bed covers, curtains, and towels, you need a  custom digital fabric printing machine. With it, you have cutting edge technology to bring the dreams of your individual clients to reality. It gives you a competitive advantage in the fashion industry. When buying a digital printing machine, it is important that you buy from the best manufacturers for quality results. Find a dealer who offers an extended warranty on the printer.

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