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Posted by Susan California on September 2nd, 2019


If you are someone who will be taking up intensive driving lessons Sheffield, you will be needing to be enlightened regarding some tips for learning to drive. And this brief piece of writing has all the tips listed below with proper details.

  • Try learning the basics by yourself:

Try learning some of the basic things regarding car and driving from someone close who owns a car before you join driving courses. Things will be difficult for you if you join driving lessons with completely zero knowledge.

  • Decide regarding what sort of car you want to drive:

People are often taught in driving school to learn about how to drive manual cars first. However, if you are planning to buy an automatic car for yourself, it is better to learn driving for an automatic car instead of manual one if you have less time left in your hands. Keep in mind that you will not be permitted to drive manual cars if you take a licence for driving automatic cars only.

  • Choose the best instructor for yourself:

Just because you have to learn driving, don't just get yourself admitted to any random driving school. It is always better that you do proper analysis and collects information regarding the teaching method of instructor teaching at an individual driving school. Hear reviews of an individual instructor from different drivers who have been learning to drive from that instructor.

  • Start practicing yourself:

You will be needing to get yourself your own personal car for practicing your driving skills. However, keep in mind that the conditions that you will be driving in must be safe and sound. Practising yourself after the driving lessons will help you learn quickly but in a better way.

  • Don't develop the habit of delaying:

It is obvious, to test what you have learned your instructor will be taking tests from you according to a schedule. Your job is to move according to the schedule planned by the instructor without delaying the dates for the tests that will be taken. Delaying tests will cause the things you have learned to become blurry. And you will end up stretching the duration of the driving course.


To sum up, if you are willing to take up intensive driving lessons Sheffield, then these tips will act as the perfect guide for you to follow as a new learner.

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