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Posted by Sam Kim on September 3rd, 2019

The appearance of the Internet has caused the means of information dissemination to leap forward, and information flows efficiently. However, the efficiency of "Internet Value" transmission is still very slow. Besides, the "electronic money" is still genetically connected to conventional banknotes, and cross-border payments are still a massive issue.

At the moment, the "value transfer" of the regional chain reflects, and its value transfer separates into two layers. The first layer is a simple "value transfer," which people can send a bitcoin to any one person. The international circulation of tokens presents "value transfer" exceedingly convenient. The second layer is "the circulation of tokens" or the "value absorption" made by the economics of tokens. Due to its timely and fast delivery, the distribution of tokens, according to regional chains, can make financing more convenient and in tokens, and the circulation will absorb value.

The ODF blockchain bottom-level application service ecosystem is an ecosystem-based on an intelligent contract blockchain in which each user can simply, securely, and efficiently reach, commit, and perform international business. A public, automated, and transparent customer finance platform that replaces cumbersome regulatory work. Thus, it guarantees trust mechanisms is currently available on the ODF blockchain carrying application service ecosystem.

The ODF blockchain bottom-degree application service ecosystem purpose is to turn into a position to efficiently produce new global business digital solutions.


ODF blockchain bottom-level application service ecosystem called Future Star (SDF) is a fully decentralized digital currency payment landing method. And it comes with the benefits of helping small and micropayment, immediate arrival, and meager commission. According to the non-bank card payment business mode, SDF implements its individual composite determination lightning network based on BOLT protocol. It meets the payment demand and the legal currency exchange request by the higher choice network and then launches an effective and safe payment channel by the underlying lightning network. The domestic payment recipients achieve the legal currency settlement with the dealer. Since the model offered by the legal currency is related to the P2P payment, the entire procedure does not include any centralized organization. Then, it prevents the breakdown of the business model made by the suspension of collaboration between the card enterprises, for example, Visa. Enormously assure the safety, endurance, and sustainable growth of the payment network. By contrast, the incentive strategy of the upper layer network can efficiently avert the centralization trend of the lightning network.


The advantages of SDF compares with other payment goods are:

● Decentralized legal currency supply model: The legal currency in the scheme is given by the purchaser, which is similar to P2P payment of legal money. The acquisition of legal currency does not require to depend on the centralization organization, for instance, the exchange;

● Prevent centralization risks such as loss of funds: People take lightning network as a payment channel without self-built fund pool. Additionally, there will be no economic loss even if it strikes;

● The payment is stable: The team's existing resources can instantly build collaboration with the acquirer in the mainstream countries. Furthermore, it bypasses the centralization mechanism, such as a bank card institution. Moreover, it avoids severe difficulties, for example, the inability of VISA to stop the interaction and the uncontrollable rate.

The SDF intelligent payment system supposes that the digital currency system will totally modify the current financial ecosystem and reach a global circulation loop. Hence, digital currency will also be combined into all perspectives of people's daily lives, decrease transaction costs, and enhance transaction protection. The technology application service ecosystem of the bottom application service ecosystem of ODF blockchain is the driving power. Then, it adhers the concept of decentralization, devotes to rapidly expanding the application scenario of digital currency. In addition, the people who hold it by increasing the effectiveness and knowledge of payment of digital currency, and installing the ecological closed-loop of digital currency.

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